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Master of Arts in Psychology

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the biological, developmental, and contextual determinants of behavior
    • Analyze the relationship between biological bases of behavior and human functioning
    • Describe the process of human development and acquisition of learned behaviors across the lifespan
    • Analyze how individuals' knowledge exists in the context of their environment (e.g., social, geographical, familial, institutional, cultural, etc.) and how the environment affects their functioning
  • Critique and apply principles of research methods
  • Apply psychological principles and evidence-based theories to practical problems in the field of psychology
  • Synthesize clinical coursework and apply it outside the classroom (Applied Track)
  • Produce a substantive research paper describing data that elucidates a psychological topic (Research Tracks)
  • Apply ethical and professional standards to relevant research and/or clinical situations
  • Explain the role of social and cultural diversity in human characteristics, experiences, and behavior
  • Select appropriate intervention techniques, correctly administer tests, and accurately interpret results (Clinical Tracks)