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Doctor of Nursing Practice

The program's Student Learning Outcomes are consistent with the AACN DNP Essentials and are as follows:

  1. Demonstrates expertise in the evaluation and implementation of clinical practice guidelines and specialized knowledge as it applies to advance practice nursing.
  2. Critically analyzes current data, information, and knowledge from humanities and sciences that contribute to the science of advanced practice nursing to address access to, cost of, quality, and safety of care.
  3. Engages in clinical scholarship, including application of theory to translate research into practice.
  4. Collaborates with appropriate stakeholders to promote quality, safety, and improved outcomes of individuals and populations via organizational and systems leadership.
  5. Employs the use of information systems to capture data to be evaluated with various methods to promote safe, quality, cost effective care.
  6. Demonstrates understanding of interdependence of policy and practice by incorporating topics such as access, equity, quality, and economics of healthcare in the development, evaluation, and advocacy for healthcare policy at multiple levels of governance.
  7. Applies and evaluates the impact of ethical principles in complex decision making processes.
  8. Synthesizes and incorporates inclusion of concepts of psychosocial dimensions, cultural diversity, and global health into advanced practice nursing.
  9. Develops the skills of an independent, accountable prescriber and full scope advanced practice nurse.