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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) publicizes the work of those who engage in systematic and critical reflection about teaching and learning.

The purpose of SoTL is to create awareness about effective teaching techniques, promising learning practices, and other educational innovations through dialogue among college teachers and instructional staff at conferences, in publications, and other scholarly venues. SoTL assumes that teaching is a worthy intellectual endeavor that deserves the same prestige given disciplinary scholarship. SoTL is not the same thing as educational research since anyone (not only those with a specific set of credentials) who systematically and critically reflects about her or his teaching is qualified to do SoTL.

As a form of practitioner (action) research, SoTL varies across learning conditions and environments. There is not one set of SoTL research methods since it is not a traditional discipline. Those who do SoTL are primarily interested in how the results of their systematic and critical reflections will inform and improve their own teaching practice. In this way, SoTL is related to the assessment of student learning outcomes but with the instructor directing the process of inquiry.

Michigan State has a comprehensive list of SoTL links on their website.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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