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*Request Brockport College Recommendation: Recommendation Form.


(*If you expect to graduate at the end of this semester, and have not already submitted the Recommendation Form, please do so at this time. Please note that all Brockport undergraduate teacher candidates are asked to complete the Brockport College Recommendation Form during their student teaching workshop and therefore should not submit a second form. Submission of a second form can significantly slow the processing time of your request.


Select appropriate program to retrieve certification application instructions including program code.


(Please pay particular attention when identifying your program/program code as certain programs here at The College at Brockport resemble one another in title. You are only eligible for those certificates associated with the education program you are completing/have completed, and therefore must use the proper program code when applying for certification. If you are uncertain about which program you are completing/have completed here at Brockport, please check Banner before moving forward with the certification application process.)

Teacher Education

Educational Administration

School Counseling


Create an Account in TEACH and/or Log into Account


(Please do not Create an Account if you have already done so. Creating a second account will prove problematic in your efforts to become certified. If you have completed the fingerprinting process then you most likely have Created an Account and should therefore attempt to Log In to your Account.)


Apply for Certificate(s) by following application instructions found in Step 2.

Last Updated 8/13/18

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