Applying for Certification - Approved Preparation Program

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Follow the steps below if you have completed an Approved Teacher Preparation Program (from the College at Brockport) for the certification for which you are applying.

Step 1

Request Brockport College Recommendation: Recommendation Form.


If you expect to graduate/have already graduated from one of the College's Approved Teacher Preparation programs and are applying for the certificate tied to that program, please submit the Recommendation Form.  Please submit this form only once, as multiple submissions can slow the processing time of your request.

If you are a current student, this form should be submitted during your final semester.

Step 2

Select appropriate program to retrieve certification application instructions including program code.


Please pay particular attention when identifying your program/program code as certain programs here at The College at Brockport resemble one another in title. You are only eligible for those certificates associated with the education program you are completing/have completed.

Teacher Education

Educational Administration

School Counseling

Step 3

Apply for Certificate(s) in TEACH.

Instructions for making the appropriate selections in TEACH (including your program code) can be found by accessing your program in STEP 2.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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