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CAD & SAVE Workshops

Most certification candidates at the College enroll in coursework that offers the opportunity to complete these required trainings. However, not all students (typically transfer or graduate students working toward their first certification) complete these trainings through their studies at the College.

Any student not able to show proof of training completion, and are not scheduled to complete a course that offers such training, can complete either workshop through an online workshop.

Please note: Once you have completed an online workshop, you must:

  1. Print your certificate of completion
  2. Sign and date it
  3. Forward a copy to your academic department as proof that you have satisfied that program requirement

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Maltreatment: Mandated Reporter Training (CAD)

Take the free online workshop using the link below. Click on the "Take the Online Course" then on the right hand side register for the Self-Directed Online Training.

Mandated Reporter Training

School Violence Prevention and Intervention Workshop Information

This course costs $25 and can be taken online using the link below.

School Violence Prevention & Intervention Workshop

Last Updated 4/19/22