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  1. In addition to completing my Brockport education program and degree, what other requirements must I satisfy to become certified? Initial teaching certificate. For all other certificates, at a basic level, you must pass any pertinent NY State certification exams and successfully complete the fingerprinting process. Please note that you must also complete this process for all certificates sought as the result of completing a Brockport education program leading to certification.

  2. What programs does The College at Brockport offer that lead to certification?

  3. Does Brockport certify me? No. The College at Brockport prepares you to become certified. The State of New York issues the certificates.

  4. How do I find out if my certificate has been issued? Log in to your TEACH Account. Go to your TEACH Home page. Select Account Information to view your certificate status. Click on Certificates from scrolling menu and click GO. Displayed information includes all of your certificate applications and all issued certificates.

  5. Will I be sent a paper copy in the mail or receive an email notification? You will not receive email notification that your certificate has been issued. NY State automatically mails printed copies of professional certificates to you the certificate holder. NY State does not automatically mail printed copies of initial certificates. Initial certificate holders can request a printed copy by logging on to their TEACH Account and selecting from their TEACH Home page “I would like a printed certificate”. The state charges $25 for each printed copy of an initial certificate. Please see #2 and #12 of the Top 13 FAQs before paying for a printed copy of your certificate.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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