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  1. I am applying for a job and the application asks for a copy of my certificate. How do I get a copy of my certificate?
    Log in to your TEACH account. Go to your TEACH Home page. Select Account Information to view your certificate status. Click on Certificates from scrolling menu and click GO. Displayed information includes all of your certificate applications and all issued certificates. A printed copy of this page is typically acceptable when asked for proof of certification (assuming the certificate is issued) when applying for employment in NY State.

  2. I am applying for a job and the application asks for a copy of my certificate. I am not yet certified. What can I do to show proof that I am working toward my certification?
    Completion of an approved college program is not sufficient evidence that a candidate will be certified as it is not the college that offers the certification, but rather NY State. Completion of a college program is proof that all academic requirements have been fulfilled to earn the certificate. However, additional NY State requirements must be fulfilled to actually earn the certificate, which is why The College at Brockport cannot confirm that a student will be certified prior to the certificate actually issuing in the NY State TEACH system. By providing a printout of your TEACH Account and a copy of your transcript to perspective employers, you will be able to show the items you have completed towards your certification. Proof of graduation can be seen on a student's college transcript, and should be requested through the Brockport Office of Registration and Records.

  3. Should I provide potential employers with my New York State Certification Exam scores?
    Employers are not entitled to exam scores. Should you wish to share those scores that is your choice. Test results (pass or fail) can be viewed in TEACH by most NY State districts, but not specific test scores.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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