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  1. Which certification exams must I take?
    Please visit the TEACH Search Certification Requirements page to view the certification exams specific to the certificate(s) you seek. Each certificate may require a different set of exams. Simply search your certification requirements and identify the exams associated with that certificate. Please also visit Certification Updates as planned changes to a number of exams might impact which exams you will be required to complete.

  2. When should I take my state certification exams?
    Guidance on when to take NY State certification exams is offered through planned workshops, class presentations and faculty lectures throughout your Brockport academic career.

  3. How do I register for state certification exams?

  4. I heard that the state certification exams have changed, does this affect me?

  5. When are state certification exams offered?

  6. If I fail the first time, how many times can I retake a New York State Certification Exam?
    You may retake an exam as many times as needed to secure a passing grade.

  7. Should I provide potential employers with my New York State Certification Exam scores?
    Employers are not entitled to exam scores. Should you wish to share those scores that is your choice. Test results (pass or fail) can be viewed in TEACH by most NY State districts, but not specific test scores.

Last Updated 5/7/19

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