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TEACH is the system used by New York State Education Department for submitting and reviewing applications for New York State educational certifications.  All candidates for NYS educational certification should create a TEACH account.

Please do not create multiple TEACH accounts!  Doing so will prove problematic in your efforts to become certified.  (If you have completed the fingerprinting process, then you most likely have created an account.)

Log-in to TEACH

If you need to create a TEACH account, please use the link below:

Create an Account

If you are experiencing technical problems with TEACH, or have forgotten your username or password, please visit the following webpage for assistance: TEACH Technical Issues

Your TEACH Account Home Page -a User's Guide

The following is a screen shot of a TEACH Home page. All home pages offer the same basic options and services. Many of the TEACH questions we receive in The College at Brockport Certification Office can be answered by viewing the list of services offered on the TEACH Home page. Please note that we have also included on this screen shot additional guidance regarding some frequently asked questions related to certain TEACH services.

TEACH home page

Profile Links

  • Update/Add Education, Employment and Personal Information

Inquiry Links

  • Account Information
    • (Select Account Information to view your certificate status. Click on Certificates from scrolling menu and click GO. Displayed information includes all of your certificate applications and all issued certificates. A printed copy of this page is typically acceptable when asked for proof of certification (assuming the certificate is issued) when applying for employment in NY State.)

Online Application

  • Apply for Certificate
    • (Please view this link before applying for a certificate.)
    • I would like a printed certificate
      • (NY State automatically sends you a printed copy of any issued Professional Certificate, typically 3-4 weeks after the certificate has been issued. NY State does not automatically send printed copies of Initial Certificates. Please review the Account Information guidance (found above) before requesting a printed certificate.)
    • Apply for a Time Extension
      • (NY State does not typically process a time extension application unless it is within 6 months of your certificate expiring. Therefore, you should wait until that time has arrived before applying for the extension. If you are unsure as to when your certificate(s) expires, please see the Account Information guidance posted above. Viewing your certificate status through Account Information also provides information on expiration dates.)

Payment Links

  • Pay for Certificate

Retiree Links

  • Apply for a Retirement Waiver

Last Updated 5/7/19

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