A Day in the College Chemistry Lab

The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry offer opportunities for local (western New York) middle and high school chemistry classes to spend a day in a college chemistry lab.

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This program provides an opportunity for students to get a glimpse into college chemistry and to participate in lab activities that may not be offered at their school due to limitations on time, budget, etc.. Such visits can be arranged for groups up to 25-50 students (smaller groups welcome also). These visits can be arranged during SUNY College at Brockport's winter, spring or summer breaks (SUNY Brockport calendars). If you are interested, contact Dawn Lee.

A typical day might include

Possible activities include, but are not limited to

  • Determination of a Weak Acid Dissociation Constant (Ka) by pH Titration
  • Structural Relationships of Molecules as Related to Odor (esters)
  • T-shirt Chromatography
  • Determination of Zinc in Cold Medications Using AA**
  • Diet Soda Analysis Using HPLC**

** indicates the activity is restricted to smaller groups

We would be happy to work with teachers to design a series of activities based around a theme that will provide a more thorough background on a single topic rather than multiple topics! Some options may include:

  • Separations - studying physical and chemical properties that allow for separating different materials from one another. This may include the principles of density, polarity and simple chromatography.
  • Chemical Reactions - studying different types of chemical reactions by observing different evidence of chemical reactions. Single replacement, double replacement, synthesis and decomposition reactions can be demonstrated by observing the development of new product after a chemical reaction. Proof of reaction can be seen by precipitation reactions, gas evolution, temperature changes and color changes.

Last Updated 8/13/18

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