The Department of Chemistry hires as many as 20 student employees per semester as laboratory assistants and assistants to the laboratory manager.

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Experience in these positions can be beneficial to any science major. Some potential benefits include becoming more familiar with the workings of a laboratory setting (experience in the use of common chemicals, instruments, techniques and safety), enhancing teaching and/or communication skills, reinforcing concepts learned in previous course work, and becoming more familiar with the faculty and staff of the department. All of this adds up to a valuable addition to your resume whether it be for teaching, graduate school or the workplace.The minimum requirement to be hired for this position is that you have taken the course (either at The College at Brockport or another college), and have earned a C or better. If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact Elizabeth Gregory by email or telephone (585-395-2210).

Last Updated 8/20/18

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