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Chemistry Major

Chemistry majors learn how to study and analyze the atoms and molecules that make up our universe and how to manipulate them to create new substances. Chemistry is also central to understanding other branches of science—the biological, earth, medical, and materials sciences, along with aspects of physics and astronomy.

Our talented faculty help students gain knowledge of chemistry and how it is crucial to understanding the manufacture and uses common materials such as metals, plastics, fibers, paper, glasses and ceramics; food products and food supplements, flavors and cosmetics; detergents and household chemicals; and pharmaceuticals. Chemistry is used in fields as varied as medical and criminal investigations, pollution remediation or conservation and preserving cultural treasures including rare books and documents and fine art.

Students can also benefit from a position as a laboratory assistant, gaining both knowledge and practical work experience. Our high achieving students are eligible for the honors designation, a distinction earned for superior academic performance.

After Brockport
Students who major in chemistry and who choose appropriate electives are well prepared for careers in the field from education to manufacturing. They are also prepared for advanced study in chemistry or an array of related sciences such as:

  • Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Engineering
  • Environmental studies
  • Forensic science
  • Information science
  • Materials science
  • Neuroscience
  • Pathology
  • Advanced study in the medical professions

Major Requirements

The academic requirements for a major in chemistry are determined by the date at which a student matriculates (begins study toward a degree) at the College. The most current requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Studies Catalog.

Last Updated 8/20/18

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