Summer '03 Group Photo

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From left to right, back row: Dr. Markus Hoffmann, Jason Tubbs, Kristina Fuller.

From left to right, middle row: Jim Hutchings, Jake Terrance (Project SEED), Alicia Penna, Megan Bennett, Dr. Maggie Logan.

From left to right, front row: Ahmed Yimam, Dr. Mark Heitz.

  • Jason Tubbs was investigating ion pair formation in dilute solutions of ionic liquids in low dielectric media using proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy. (Dr. Markus Hoffmann)
  • Jim Hutchings was setting up and calibrating an experimental assembly for the studying phase behavior ionic liquids with carbon dioxide and other gases.
  • Megan Bennett was investigating the intermolecular interaction between surfactant and water, as they manifest themselves in the proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrum.
  • Kristina Fuller studied the solvation of fluorescent molecules in supercritical fluids. (Dr. Mark Heitz)
  • Ahmed Yimam worked with Dr. Maggie Logan on a project focused on preparing diaryl tellurides.
  • High School student Jacob Terrance refined some of the laboratory experiments in CHM 305/306. He also acquired numerous UV-vis spectra and temperature dependent NMR spectra to study the interactions of ionic liquids in various solvent media.

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