Group Photo Summer '04

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From left to right, back row: Ashley Campanali, Anthony Marshall, Dr. Maggie Logan, Dr. Markus Hoffmann, Mark Oinen, Kristina Fuller

From left to right, front row: Megan Bennett, JoAnn Viterna, Jim Hutchings, Dr. Mark Heitz

  • Megan Bennett is investigating the intermolecular interaction between surfactant and water, as they manifest themselves in the proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrum. (Dr. Markus Hoffmann, advisor)
  • Ashley Campanali (Dr. Mark Heitz, advisor)
  • Kristina Fuller (Dr. Mark Heitz, advisor)
  • Jim Hutchings is setting up and calibrating an experimental assembly for the studying phase behavior ionic liquids with carbon dioxide and other gases (Dr. Markus Hoffmann, advisor)
  • Anthony Marshall (Dr. Markus Hoffmann, advisor)
  • Mark Oinen is using homogeneous palladium catalyts to reduce aryl chlorides, as model studies for PCB and dioxin remediation.(Dr. Maggie ogan, advisor)
  • JoAnn Viterna (Dr. Mark Heitz, advisor)
  • High School student Jacob Terrance is refining some of the laboratory experiments in CHM 305/306. (Dr. Maggie Logan and Dr. Markus Hoffmann, advisors)

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