Summer '05 Group Photo

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From left to right, back row: Josh Caccamis, Patrick Kendall, Dr. Mark Heitz, Peter Apps, Dr. Markus Hoffmann, Dr. Ken Schlecht

From left to right, front row: Larry LaRussa , Michelle Sullivan, Jackie Simson, Lisa Schwenk, Dr. Maggie Logan

  • Peter Apps - ionic liquids (Dr. Mark Heitz, advisor)
  • Josh Caccamis - curriculum development, incorporation of NMR experiments into Physical and Analytical Chemistry courses (Drs. Mark Heitz and Markus Hoffmann, advisors)
  • Patrick Kendall (Dr. Markus Hoffmann, advisor)
  • Larry LaRussa (Dr. Markus Hoffmann, advisor)
  • Lisa Schwenk (Dr. Ken Schlecht, advisor)
  • Jackie Simson (Dr. Maggie Logan, advisor)
  • Michelle Sullivan (Dr. Markus Hoffmann, advisor)

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