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This page is designed to walk you through our advisement process. In order to put a schedule together and register, you will need to do the following things:

  • Identify what classes you still need to take for your major and minor. View the College Catalog below by clicking your current program to see all the courses needed to graduate from your program, or stop in to the Department of Communication and ask your advisor.
  • Use your Degree Works Audit to see which courses you've completed and to see which courses you still need for your major, minor, and general education requirements. It also lists your academic advisor.
    • Access your Degree Works Audit through Web Banner (Here's the path to get to the audit in Web Banner: Student Services → Student Records→ Degree Audit → Submit an Audit)
    • Ge more information on how to read your degree audit.
  • Once you are aware of your remaining requirements, you can look for courses (Course Schedule)  so you can prepare to meet with your advisor to register for the upcoming semesters. 

Before You Meet with Your Advisor

  1. For a formal advisement meeting, sign up for a time with your advisor. However, if you're just stopping by for some advisement help,  go during your advisor’s office hours or contact your advisor to make an appointment.
  2. Print your degree audit so you can bring it to the meeting.
  3. Make a list of courses that you hope to take in the upcoming semester. They should include the CRN #, prefix, and course number: 2334, CMC 273.01 (it may help to include the time/day the course is offered, for your own reference). Come prepared with backup courses, in case the onew you want are closed.
  4. Prepares a list of questions you have for your advisor.


Contact our advisement coordinator, Joe Chesebro.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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