Monica Brasted

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Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

and Professor


BA Communication the College at Brockport

MA Communication the College at Brockport

PhD Mass Communication Pennsylvania State University

Area(s) of Specialty:

Media Studies

Recent Publications:

Brasted, M. (2014) The NRA and Polarization in the Gun Debate. The SocJournal.

Brasted, M. (2014) Invasion: Framing War Protestors at National Conventions. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, IV, 1.

Brasted, M. (2013) Gender Stereotypes in Advertising. Race, Gender and Stereotypes in Media: A Reader for Professional Communicators. Ed. Amiso, M. George and Tommy Thomason, San Diego, CA: Cognella: 195-200.

Brasted, M. (2012) MoveOn: The Rhetoric of Polarization.  Relevant Rhetoric, 3.

Brasted, M. (2011) Using Email to Create Collective Identity. Web Journal of Mass Communication Research.

Brasted, M. (2010) Care Bares vs. Transformers: Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements. The SocJournal.

Brasted, M. (2009) Students for a Democratic Society: A Movement Study. Koln, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Brasted, M. (2009) The Values of the Consumer Culture: Reflected in the Advertisements of "The Saturday Evening Post": 1900-1929. Koln, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Brasted, M. (2006) Advertising Success Through Consumption: 1900-1929. Advertising & Society Review.

Brasted, M. (2005) Protest in the Media. Peace Review, 17:4.

Brasted, M. (2005) Framing Protest: The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times during the 1968 Democratic Convention. Atlantic Journal of Communication, 13: 1, p. 1-25.

Brasted, M. (2004) The Reframing of Traditional Cultural Values: Consumption and WWII. Advertising and Society Review, 5:4.

Brasted, M. (2004) Through the Looking Glass: Class and Reality in Television. Electronic Journal of Sociology.

Research Interests:



Communication history; communication technology and cultural change; influence of advertising on our culture; gender stereotypes in the media; news coverage of social movements.


Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2013.

Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Office: 149B Liberal Arts Building
Phone: (585) 395-2157

Last Updated 10/12/17

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