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Recommendations for Seniors

Seniors looking for employment should take a light course load in their last semester if they plan to have out-of-town interviews.
There are several sources of employment information. The College's Office of Career Services organizes an Internship and Job Fair in both fall and spring semesters. They also publicize widely other job fairs in the area. Further, the Office of Career Services maintains vacancy listings by discipline, and also arranges for on-campus interviews with company representatives. This office sees students daily from 12 noon to 2 pm on a walk-in basis, and by appointment at other times, to discuss successful techniques for writing résumés and being interviewed. The Department of Computer Science frequently posts information about computer science job openings and internships in the ANGEL email list. The Internship and Job Resource Center contains links to several external sites that allow searching for internships and jobs. Other possibilities may be suggested by the student's faculty advisor.

Students wishing to go to graduate school should speak with their advisors to aid them in selecting possible schools. Requests for application materials should be made by November. Many schools expect applications to be submitted (with GRE scores) in January, especially if the student is applying for a teaching assistantship or fellowship.

Last Updated 10/4/18

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