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Information for Transfer Students

Transfer students should contact their faculty advisors as soon as possible in their first semester on campus to have any courses taken at other institutions evaluated for equivalence to Brockport courses.

Students transferring courses equivalent to CSC 203, CSC 205, CSC 311 or CIS 317 will receive 1-4 transfer credits depending on the number of credits the course was worth at the original college. The number of transfer credits does not depend on the time at which the transfer is made. Students who transferred fewer credits for any of these courses than they are worth at Brockport may find that they satisfy a given program's course requirements, but still fall short of the required number of credits. In this case, sufficient additional courses to fulfill the credit requirement must be taken. The number of credits for a transferred course cannot be changed once the transfer has taken place.

Last Updated 8/13/18

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