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  • Kelly Bickel, Bucknell University

Compression of the shift on two - variable model spaces

  • Dan Coman, Syracuse University

On the first order asymptotics of partial Bergman kernels

  • Dan Geba, University of Rochester

Regularity results for generalizations of the wave maps equation

  • Aimo Hinkkanen, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

Complex dilatation and the Cartan - Kähler theory

  • Alex Iosevich, University of Rochester

Local smoothing for the wave equation and the Falconer conjecture

  • Javad Mashreghi, Laval University

Numerical range versus spectrum

  • Camil Muscalu, Cornell University

The helicoidal method

  • Vladimir Peller, Michigan State University

M. G. Krein's problem and the Lifshitz - Krein trace formula

  • Anca Radulescu, SUNY New Paltz

Extensions of the Mandelbrot for templates and networks of quadratic maps

  • Brett D Wick, Washington University

Commutators and BMO

  • Jingbo Xia, SUNY Buffalo

Hankel operators on weighted Bergman Spaces and norm ideals

  • Kazuo Yamazaki, Washington State University

Global stability and uniform persistance of the reaction - convection - diffusion cholera epidemic model

  • Dechao Zheng, Vanderbilt University

Multiplication operators on the Bergman spaces of polygons

Last Updated 11/20/18

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