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The purpose of this page is to provide Counselor Education students with a central location to find all documentation and resources relevant to both clinical experiences, as well as enrollment at The College at Brockport.


Internship Agreement Form

Implementation Weekly Activity Report

Site Evaluation Form

Site Supervisor Information Form

TK20 and Training Guide:


Tk20 Training Video

Assessing Field Experience Binders for Clinical Implementation I and II - Student Guide


Site Supervisors Manual

Supervision Orientation:

Site Supervisor Orientation (Requires Password)

Code of Ethics

General Information 

Student Policies

Graduate Catalog

Registration Information

Career Services

Loan Forgiveness

Student Handbooks

Integration Handbook

Implementation Manual

Student Handbook

Talk to a Current Student: Brittany

The faculty know that applying to graduate school can be a confusing and sometimes be a complicated process. The Department of Counselor Education's Graduate Assistant is available to help you. Please contact our Graduate Assistant Brittany with questions about the application process, his or her experience in the program, what you can expect, or any other questions you may have.


Phone: (585)-395-5050

Last Updated 9/3/19

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