About the Criminal Justice Program

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Mission Statement

The Criminal Justice Department is committed to providing a comprehensive interdisciplinary undergraduate education that fosters analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills. We focus on theory and practice of criminal justice systems and are committed to providing a variety of in and out of classroom instruction, internships, and extracurricular activities. Our curriculum is designed to motivate students to successfully achieve our learning goals and career objectives in a culturally diverse and globally interdependent community.

Program Goals

  • To help students develop an in depth understanding of the major components of the criminal justice system.
  • To help students develop a theoretical understanding of the causes, consequences and control of crime and criminal behavior.
  • To help students master critical, creative thinking and analytical reasoning skills and techniques in relation to criminal justice and criminological issues.
  • To facilitate an understanding of the multiple dimensions of diversity and related ethical issues.
  • To help students master oral and written communication as it pertains to criminal justice topics and issues.

Last Updated 10/12/17

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