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Moonsum Kim

Dr. Moonsun Kim

Associate Professor
(585) 395-2915
Office:  Albert W. Brown Building 228

Courses Offered

  • Police Process
  • Policing in a Free Society
  • International Criminal Justice
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) & Crime Mapping
  • Freshmen Seminar

Research Interests

  • Policing
  • Forensic GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • Application of Geo-Spatial Data Analysis
  • Program Evaluation
  • International Criminal Justice Practices
  • Cyber Security and Crimes


Dr. Kim joined to the department of criminal justice in 2007 after earning his Ph.D. from the school of criminal justice, SUNY Albany. He has participated in various research projects for local and State law enforcement agencies. His current scholarship centers on the evaluation research for law enforcement interventions, forensic GIS, community/intelligence-led policing, application of geo-spatial data analysis, international criminal justice, and cyber security. He is the active member of professional organizations such as IACA (International Association of Crime Analysts), ASC (American Society of Criminology), ACJS (Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences), and more. He is currently serving as a college senator, president of KOSCA (Korean Society of Criminology in America), chairs of many demaprtment/college committee, and an affiliated researcher for John Finn Institute for Public Safety, inc. in Albany, NY.

Selected Recent Publications

Ann Bunch, MoonSun Kim, and Ronald Brunelli (2017). Under Our Nose: The Use of GIS Technology and Case Notes to Focus Search and Recovery Efforts. Journal of Forensic Sciences, Vol. 62(1): 92-98

Melchor de Guzman, and MoonSun Kim (2016). Community hierarchy of needs and policing: Toward a new theory of police organizational behavior. Police Practice and Research,Vol. 18(4), 352-365

MoonSun Kim (2014). Geographies of Crime. In J. Mitchell Miller (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Theoretical Criminology. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (ISBN: 978-0-470-65844-4)

Sarah J. McLean, Robert E. Worden, and MoonSun Kim (2013). Here’s looking at you: An evaluation of public CCTV cameras and their effects on crime and disorder. Criminal Justice Review, Vol. 38(3): 303-334

Robert E. Worden, MoonSun Kim, Christopher J. Harris, Mary Anne Pratte, Shelagh Dorn, and Shelley S. Hyland (2013). Intervention with Problem Officers: An Impact Evaluation of an EIS Intervention. Criminal Justice and Behavior, Vol. 40 (4): 409-437

MoonSun Kim, and Melchor de Guzman (2012). Proceed with Caution: Police Use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for Crime Hot Spot Analysis. Law Enforcement Executive Forum, Vol. 12(4): 83-94

MoonSun Kim, and Melchor de Guzman (2012). Police paradigm shift: The impact of the 911 attack on police practices among United States municipal police departments. Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society, Vol. 25 (4): 323-342.

Sarah J. McLean, Robert E. Worden, MoonSun Kim, Tara L. Garmley, and Heidi S. Bonner (2010). Operation Safe Corridor: An Outcome Evaluation. Criminal Justice Policy Review, Vol. 21(3): 363-380

Last Updated 5/13/19

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