Transferring to Criminal Justice at Brockport

The Criminal Justice Department is committed to helping transfer students complete their baccalaureate studies in a timely manner. Students who possess an Associate's Degree most often complete their studies in an additional two years.

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All transfer students receive a transcript analysis in writing. When a criminal justice student transfers here, a member of the Brockport Criminal Justice faculty evaluates his/her credentials to determine how previous criminal justice and related courses will translate as Brockport course equivalents. In the vast majority of cases, students with an Associate's Degree will have completed much of the required major course work at Brockport. With the help of a faculty advisor, criminal justice transfer students are counseled with regard to the many specialty options that are available, as well as possible "second" majors and/or minors that one may wish to pursue.

Last Updated 10/4/18

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