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Hartwell Dance Audition

Graduate Dance Auditions

The audition for graduate applicants will be held virtually on February 22 and 23, 2021.

Audition Information

The 2021 virtual audition itinerary will offer candidates the opportunity to audition from their current space(s) via zoom. The itinerary may vary as we adapt to a virtual audition process. Candidates will receive an updated virtual audition itinerary from the graduate director, Mariah Maloney.

The audition process runs over the course of two days and includes:

  • Audition in modern dance-based technique class
  • Solo choreography showing - approximately three minute excerpt
  • Critical writing assessment session
  • Group discussion with members of the graduate committee
  • Interview with chair, graduate director, or program advisor
  • Observe/participate in ongoing classes
  • Virtual lunch with current graduate students
  • View student, faculty and/or guest artist choreography
  • Facilities and campus tour
  • Teaching assistantship audition for applicants selected in advance. There are a limited number of highly competitive graduate assistantships available. Be prepared to share your teaching philosophy with the faculty.

For further information on our graduate program, contact Mariah Maloney.

Graduate Application

Apply to The Graduate Program in Dance

MFA/MA in Dance Graduate Application
due by April 15, 2020

Graduate Assistantship Application

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