Juanita Suarez

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Associate Professor and Arts for Children Director

Phone: (585) 395-5137
E-mail: jsuarez@brockport.edu
Office: 147B Hartwell Hall

Juanita Suarez (Choreographer) earned a PhD in Dance and Related Arts from Texas Woman’s University and her MFA from the University of Utah. She currently serves a joint position in the Department of Dance and as Director of the Interdisciplinary Arts for Children Program. As a founding member of the Latina Dance Theater Project, she is actively involved with LOCA (Latinas-Over-the-Top Collaborative Arts), an interdisciplinary workshop designed for dancers. Suarez participated in Legends of China, a dance exchange between dancers from the US and China. She received a $14,000 Rockefeller Grant, US-Map Fund for Culture, to study dance in Mexico. Suarez contributed a chapter to Fields in Motion: Ethnographies ‘At Home’ in the Worlds of Dance, published in 2011 by Wilfred Laurier Press, which features “insider” dance research of 21 scholars from around the world. In August of 2016, she was commissioned as guest artist for Happendance Community School and Professional Company and premiered “Book of Esther: Migrant Revelations” at the Wharton Performing Arts Center on the Michigan State University campus. Currently, Suarez is involved with graduate dance education as well as the National Dance Education Organization’s Dance 2050 Symposium movement.

Last Updated 3/6/19

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