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African Music Specialist and Musical Director of Sankofa


Phone: (585) 395-5784
Office: 236 Hartwell Hall

Khalid Abdul N'Faly Saleem, African music specialist and musical director
of Sankofa, has served on the faculties of Duke University and the American Dance Festival where he also performs and is a Dance Musician for both African and modern dance classes. He has traveled internationally to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America as a principle music instrumentalist with the well-known Chuck Davis Dance Company, The Egwen Dancers, The Big Drum Dance Company of Granada, and Les Guidivoir. He is a featured performer in the Dance Black America concert film shown nationally on PBS and on commercial recordings of African music.

Khalid has had the honor to compose, arrange, direct, or perform music for Presidents, Bishops, Ambassadors, and great choreographers such as Donald McKale, Katherine Dunham, Pearl Primus, Tally Beaty, Malissa Finnley, Betty Jones, Lavina Williams, Cleo Parker Robinson, members of the Limon Company and The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Company, Papa Ladji Camara, Baba Djimo Kouyate, and Chief Bey to name a few.

Khalid's latest International cultural exchange travels have taken him to South Korea in July of 2002 with the Korea American Dance Festival (KADF) program and to Brazil in December of 2002 to work with Mestre Ramos, Mestre, Toni Vargas, and Mestre Peixinho of the popular Senzala Caporiera School located in Rio De Janeiro.

In October, 2004 Khalid Saleem accepted an invitation to perform with the world renowned Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble, of which he is the co-founding Music Director, at their 21st anniversary gala performance and to be a part of a film documentary on the life of Dr. Chuck Davis.

Khalid has also produced an audio recording series on compact disc titled "Khalid Saleem's Percussion Discussion, Vols. 1-3" as a support guide for those interested in percussion, beginners to advanced.

Khalid continues his life journey with teaching, performance, and Instrument making and repair while staying connected to the community, (very important him) via universities, public and private schools, museums, recreation centers, religious institutes, and many other personal venues. He is a strong believer in Peace, Love and Mutual Respect, and that the drums aide in bringing community together.

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