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Academic Advisement

Delta students enjoy the benefit of having both a Delta Academic Advisor as well as a major-specific advisor. The Delta advisor schedules all of the incoming Delta freshmen's schedules and provides instruction in the Delta Orientation course on how to select a major, identify which courses need to be taken and in what semester, develop a Master Academic Plan, and register for courses. This helps eliminate the risk of students registering for courses that don't fulfill the requirements for their academic programs.

Students are welcomed and encouraged to alter their three- or four-year plan with the guidance of their advisor at any time in their college career. Students may also set up an appointment with their advisor for clarification on the experiential learning practicum requirements.

Internship Documents

If you are a current Delta student who has located an internship, you will need to register for the appropriate course. You cannot receive college credit for your experience unless you are simultaneously enrolled in the proper course (DCC 235, DCC 355, or DCC 420). Please utilize the flow chart checklist to make sure you are completing all of the necessary steps. 

Last Updated 11/20/18

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