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Standardized testing has become the norm within American education. Students are instructed to memorize and regurgitate, then repeat. However, employers are not looking for robots who can spit out content. According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities employers are looking for college graduates who have:

  • The ability to work well in teams—especially with people different from yourself
  • An understanding of science and technology and how these subjects are used in real-world settings
  • The ability to write and speak well
  • The ability to think clearly about complex problems
  • The ability to analyze a problem to develop workable solutions

How does Delta do this?

student giving a presentationThe instruction provided in Delta is focused on building these transferrable skills in students throughout the curriculum. Our students participate in a variety of teamwork (performances, presentations, debates) but they are also required to do individual work (speeches, narratives, mock interviews). 

The use of creative expression is encouraged to demonstrate learning. For example, freshmen take a course called Human Heritage and at the end of the first semester each class works as a team to write, direct, and perform a modernized version of an ancient piece of literature. A student might be a script writer, director, stage manager, actor/actress, and/or videographer. Each contributes to the overall performance by fulfilling their specific role. 

The purpose of this approach is to propel students to analyze and dissect the literature. They have to think about who the author was, what was he/she trying to communicate to the world through their writings, what was society like at the time, and how would a similar message "play-out" in our modern world? 

Performance is just one way Delta asks students to demonstrate their learning. Each course has its own variety of assessment. Some examples of these include:

  • Group presentationsposter presentation
  • Skits
  • Speeches
  • Performances
  • Mock interviews
  • Films
  • Music videos
  • Narratives
  • Debates
  • Future memoirs
  • and More!

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Last Updated 11/20/18

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