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"I liked the size of the classrooms and having the ability to personally connect with staff and faculty. I really felt a genuine interest being reciprocated from them." – Zach Loveless

"Delta taught me so much about myself and my ability to work in a professional setting. I got more out of Delta than any of my other courses. My resume is now outstanding and sets me apart from other students graduating with me in my same major." – Brenna McDonald

"Delta was the reason I decided to come to the College at Brockport, I was accepted all the colleges I applied too. Brockport became my first choice because in just one information meeemmas photo from her museum internshipting at a Scholar Sleepover I spoke with the recruiter at the time, Jim Georger, and knew the program would be the best option for me." – Emma Garten

"Delta was an amazing experience for me. If it weren't for Delta, I probably wouldn't have four internships under my belt as I graduate college. One of my favorite things about the program is the fun and friendly atmosphere that is incorporated into all the classes. My time at Delta was some of the best memories I have of college and I wouldn't exchange it for anything." – Casey Galloway

"I like the small classes and a friendly environment. My favorite thing was our ability to debate topics in facilitated discussions in class. There was more of a critical thinking aspect to learning rather than cut and dry PowerPoints." – Andrew Farrell

"I loved the professors and the community they helped create. I've made lasting friendships and received an awesome education at the same time. It's such an investing method to learning, it also allowed me the time I needed to study abroad and still graduate on time." – Rachel San Giacomo

"What I liked most was that the program was small and I was seen as an individual rather than a number in my classroom. I was given the opportunity take on many leadership positions within the program and found that I thrived." – Courtney Corcoran

Matt in Vietnam"Through Delta, I made great friends, networked with great people, but most of all, I have the path I am most passionate about. I could not have done it without the help of the Delta Program." – Matthew Wheelock

"Delta College allowed me to grow as a person while letting me remain my true self. Through Delta I made professional connections, memories to last a lifetime, and friends that I will keep forever. I whole-heartedly recommend Delta to anyone interested in Brockport. It not only allowed me to graduate a year and a half early, but also gave me the greatest two and a half years that I could ever ask for through quality education and completely genuine people involved with it." – Jessica Molesky
"I joined for the small class sizes and my relationships with professors and peers were the best part." – Sarah Hannah
"I don't know if I could have handled college without my Delta friends. It's when I made my best friend, the classes helped me learn the most random information that all actually connects together and I have nothing but happy memories from it." – Bronte Hough

"Delta was the best decision that I made, from the small class sizes to the different academic style. During our first few years we were a total family — and the Delta lounge was the ultimate home." – Natalie Silva
"The Delta College is one of the main reasons why I came to Brockport. I loved how small the class sizes were, and that I could complete my general education requirements in a way that was different than the traditional route. I have made so many friends through Delta and have grown as a person. Through Delta, I have perfected my professional skills and have been given so many opportunities that will help me a lot in the future. Joining the Delta College was the best decision I could have ever made." – Taylor Shackelton
"Entering Delta College my first day of freshman year I had no idea what to expect. But looking back on it now my college experience was greatly shaped by all of the things and peopEmilyle that I met through Delta. I was pushed out of my comfort zone but was always encouraged. Though the classes were amazing what benefited me the most was the push of career exploration and the internships. I have learned so much from doing all three of my internships and I don't think I would have reached out and pushed myself to do them if it wasn't for Delta." – Emilee Boddery
"I really enjoyed the small group setting and the subject of my course materials the first two years." – David Campbell

"I love that you had a lot of the same professors that really cared about you and how you were doing in the classes. I also like the professional development that Delta taught me within the first few years of college so that I could use that knowledge continuously throughout my college career. I felt like I was ahead of the game because a lot of my peers that weren't in Delta didn't know how to properly execute a professional presentation or how to write a cover letter or what professional dress was. Through Delta, I was a part of a smaller community and got to know my peers and learn in creative ways instead of just memorizing definitions and taking a test just to forget it in a week. Being a part of Delta ended up being one of my favorite things about coming to Brockport." – Meghan Field
"Overall, I look back at the 2.5 years I spent in Delta College and I wouldn't have had it another way. The smaller classes really helped me transition well to college, and everyone that I have met through Delta College has been very nice. The opportunities and experience that Delta has pushed me to do will help me in the future, and the insight and knowledge that has been taught to me will stay with me forever. I liked that they gave us "real world" experiences and wanted us to appreciate other cultures as well as our own." – Elissa D'Alessandro

Rob Ad Justus"What I loved in Delta was thinking deeply and outside of the box. I understood the world around me better and this opened doors for me." – Kamnolu Okolo

"I really enjoyed being able to build my professional skills with resume building and internship experiences. These provided me with knowledge, experience, and skills that highly impressed employers. The experiences also provided me with the insight into my field with first-hand experience and the desire to continue my education further into the medical field." – Justus Nowak

"I loved everything. It allowed for me to expand my comfort zone with ease and make great friends." – Robert Tyler

"Delta helped me get over my fear of public speaking." – Adwoa Opoku-Nsiah

"Delta helped me become wJuleighaho I am today. I came into college from Long Island surrounded by people I didn't know. I became more confident. I learned to stick up for my opinions. I met some of the best intellectuals who have become mentors to me even if they do not realize it. I have had the best college experience and I can attribute that to Delta." – Juleigha Schmidt

"I liked being around the same teachers and friends for four years." – Emelia Alessandro 

"Delta provided a very welcoming atmosphere for me as a freshman and has continued to provide that atmosphere throughout my college career. Delta really pushed me to get out there and look for internship experiences, which I may not have gone out and gotten on my own. The professors were always so approachable and it helped me make friends quickly as you're in classes with the same people all the time." – Rebekah Lineberger

"The professors are super nice. It's nice being with students throughout three years. Everyone in the program is close to one another." – Madeline Fraser

"NicoleI loved every minute of my Delta experience even though many of us, myself included bemoan the task of group work, Delta group work is different. I have never enjoyed working with a group of students as much as I have with those from my Delta cohort. Delta was my first family here at Brockport and when I struggled a lot freshman year my friends and faculty member from Delta supported me through it and they are one of the reasons why I will be able to graduate this May from Brockport as the first in my family to accomplish that! I will forever be grateful for the memories, experiences, opportunity and growth that I had as part of Delta College. It is first and foremost the best part of my college experience and I cannot even begin to imagine what my life would have looked like had I not had the support of my Delta family every step of the way through my Brockport experience." – Nicole Magliano

"I loved having smaller classes and developing relationships with my professors." – Kaitlin Cornell

"I liked the career preparing and the smaller class sizes." – Devyn Viscome

Jimmy"Joining the Delta College gave me the opportunity to explore different majors, engage in a small classroom environment, develop transferable skills like leadership, as well as gaining professional internships on and off campus. Although I am ambitious student by nature the Delta College provided me an amazing support system which include: fellow students, faculty, staff, and even alumni! I was able to obtain experiences like planning Homecoming and Family Weekend as well as working with Fraternity and Sorority Life on Brockport’s campus, as well as practicum at RIT’s Division of Diversity and Inclusion, and even the opportunity to travel to Ghana. The word Delta means change, and the Delta College Program has truly changed my Brockport experience by helping me make the most of my four years on campus." – Jimmy Luckman

"Delta shaped me into the strong individual I am today and is a unique experience the begin college." – Katie Porter

"I loved the longitudinal relationships I developed with professors. I felt supported all the way through." – Allison Gardella
"Delta has shaped me into the person I am today. Thanks to Delta I was pushed to do internships, which has helped me to figure out what I want to do in my future. I was also able to study abroad, which is something I never thought I would be able to do." – Megan Embury

"ArielDelta gave me an edge over the rest of students on campus. After my first semester I had a resume, a cover letter, and I knew how to interviewed. In following semesters my professional development continued, but most importantly, I found my voice. Thanks to this program I learned how to challenge my peers, and even my professors, in critical discussions about controversial topics and I believe that alone will set me apart in the job force." – Ariel Leahy

"Delta professors have always gone above and beyond for me. Coming from a very small school it was helpful in my transition to college to immediately have those professors who knew my name, and recognized my potential." – Morgan Seeley

"Delta encouraged me to graduate with three internship experiences, giving me an advantage over my peers. I am currently in graduate school and just accepted an internship that my new adviser partially attributed to the previous work I've done, along with great interviewing skills and professional writing samples." – Shannon Hastings
"I loved that Delta helped me build my resume and helped me gain experiences to write on my resume. I feel like this put me above an average student entering the work force after graduation." – Karissa Wojtas


Last Updated 11/20/18

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