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Past Alumni News

Being successful after graduation is our ultimate goal, and as we discover these accomplishments, we just can't keep them to ourselves! Have some news to share? Let us know.

Chyna Glenn (MET '14) 11/2015: Began her new job as a forecaster for AccuWeather
Chad Selbert (GEL '13) 1/2016:  Received a promotion at the Bureau of Meteorology in Brisbane, Australia
Aly Hoeher (GEL '13) 7/2015: Successful defense of her thesis at Miami University
Mike Rodgers (MET '12) 2/2016: Successful defense of his thesis in the Environmental Science and Biology Masters program at Brockport
Jef Polkowski (ESC/WTR '12)

3/2014: Received the Student Planner award from the Nebraska Chapter of the American Planning Association for the work with the town of Lincoln, NE.
6/2015: Was hired as the new city planner for Watertown, NY.

Molly Stetz (WTR'12)

12/2013: Received the New York State Earth Team Volunteer Award.
3/2014: Received the National Individual Earth Team Volunteer Award for her volunteer work with the Natural Resources Conservation Service

Bryan Kaproth (GEL '07) 9/2013: Bryan's article "Slow Earthquakes, Preseismic Velocity Changes, and the Origin of Slow Frictional Stick-Slip" was published in the prestigious Science magazine.
12/2013: Hired by Noble Energy in Colorado only 4 months after completing his PhD program at Penn State

Phil Kurimski (MET '97) Was featured as Brockport's Alumni of the Week. read the article here.

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