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Mark Noll, Ph.D.

(585) 395-5717
Office:  327 Lennon Hall


  • Ph.D., Soil Physical Chemistry, University of Delaware, 1989
  • M.S., Geology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 1985
  • B.S., Earth Science-Geology, Millersville University, 1981

Courses Taught

  • ESC 221/222 Intro to Water Resources
  • GEL 310 Mineralogy-Petrology 1
  • GEL 450 Low Temperature Geochemistry
  • ESC 455 Soil Science
  • GEL 460 Hydrogeology

Research Interests

  • I study the cycling and transport of phosphorus in soil and sediment. I am particularly interested in the distribution of phosphorus among the various physicochemical phases, and the processes that alter the distribution in an effort to the potential bioavailability.
  • Recently, I have initiated investigations in the influence of climate variations on natural elemental cycling. In particular, I am using a natural climate gradient in southeastern Puerto Rico where all factors are constant except precipitation to study elemental fluxes using major and trace elements, stable isotopes and sediment microbiology.

Recent Publications

  • Noll, M.R., Almeter, K. and Pope, G.G. 2014. Distribution of Lead in an Urban Soil: A Case Study and Implications for Potential Remedial Options. Procedia Earth and Planetary Science v. 10, pp. 353-357.
  • Richards, P.L., Lin, B.B., and Noll, M. 2013. Integrating Flow Accumulation and Aerial Photography for Describing Overland Flow Paths: A Case Study in Western New York. Northeastern Geoscience v. 31, no. 1, pp. 7-18.
  • Noll, M.R. 2011. Phosphorus Cycling in a Managed Lake Ecosystem: Seasonal and Longer-term Trends. Applied Geochemistry v. 26 pp. S234-S237.
  • Noll, M.R., and Magee, E. A. 2009. Quantification of Phosphorus Sources to a Small Watershed: A Case Study of Graywood Gully, Conesus Lake, NY. Jour. of Great Lakes Res. v.35 Supplement 1 p. 50-55.
  • Noll, M. R., Szatkowski, A. E. and Magee, E. A. 2009. Phosphrous Fractionation in Soil and Sediments Along a Continuum from Agricultural Fields to Nearshore Lake Sediments of a Small Watershed, Conesus Lake, NY. Jour. of Great Lakes Res. v.35 Supplement 1 p. 56-63.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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