Earth Sciences Mission Statement

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Department of Earth Sciences

Geology, Meteorology, Earth Science, Water Resources.

Mission Statement

The Department of the Earth Sciences is committed to:

  • Fostering the development of geoscience professionals by providing high-quality educational opportunities leading to an undergraduate degree with a major in geology, meteorology, or water resources that focuses on the geologic, atmospheric, or hydrologic environment and incorporates the interrelationships between them;

  • Advancing the cause of science education by offering a degree in earth science that integrates the knowledge base and methodologies of geology, meteorology, and hydrology to render science accessible, relevant, contextual, and meaningful, and may ultimately lead to elementary or secondary teacher certification in earth sciences;

  • Increasing our students’ ability to observe and comprehend how humanity impacts and is impacted by processes occurring in the Earth’s physical environment through field and laboratory experiences;

  • Advancing scientific knowledge by pursuing scholarly activities and providing opportunities for students to explore and discover processes and interactions occurring within the earth system through research; and

  • Engaging in professional and civic stewardship through involvement in the activities of professional societies and local, regional, and global communities.

Last Updated 9/17/18

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