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Author Title - Fall 2014
Francis, Skylar Influence of Precipitation Patterns on Discharge in Sandy Creek Watershed, New York
Kim, Justin Long Island Sea Breezes-With Focus on Their Effects on Convection and the Formation of Storms
Welch, Sarah CO2 Emissions from Soil: Comparison of a Soil Under Different Management Types

Author Title - Spring 2014
VanBuren, Patricia Isolated Tornado Forecasting
Richley, Chelsy The Effects of Synoptic Scale Forcing on Localized Precipitation Rates
Smeltzer, Leah Examination of Left Moving Anticyclonic Tornadic Supercells

Travaly, Sarah

Interpreting Facies in the Redwater Shale Member of the Sundance Formation in Wyoming, USA, using Measured Stratigraphic Sections

Dolen, Alanna

Temperature as a Predictor of Evaporation in California
Glenn, Chyna Determining Key Atmospheric Variables Responsible for Mean Sea Level Pressure Differences Between Fast and Slow North Atlantic Extratropical Cyclone Transition
Regnet, Michael High Plains Aquifer System - Aquifer Sustainability as a Usable Water Source Under Rush County, KS
Rhodes, Rebecca Transported and Surface Grain Size Changes During Experimental Flash Floods
LaFountain, Josh Status of Hard Coral (Scleractinia) Communities on Shall Patch Reefs: San Salvador, Bahamas
Tooley, Colt The Effect of Leaf on Watershed Runoff
Smith, Kelly Carbon Concentrations Compared to Fossil Diversity within the Lewiston Member of the Rochester Shale Formation near Middleport, New York
Barauskis, Thomas Effects of Land Use on Water Quality
Jablonski, John Sensitivity of Lake Effect Snow Near Lake Ontario to Regional Temperature Over the Past Decade
Wendt, Kaylee Legacy Radar vs. Dual Polarization Radar: Focus on Precipitation Estimates
Cockey, Trisha Rock Type in Early Woodland Period Ceramics
Sweeney, Philip Predicting Stream Channel Initiation

Author Title - Spring 2013
Thorne, Danielle The Correlation Between El Nino Southern Oscillation and Cool Season Tornadoes in the Southeastern United States
Stanonis, Jennifer The Changing Climate in Buffalo, New York
Snyder, Brittanny Lake-Effect Snow with Lightning vs. Lake-Effect Snow without Lightning
Mertzlufft, Josh Examining the Direct Relationship Between Average Summer Temperature and Lake-Effect Snow Storms
Walden, Chris The Effect of Old Field Succession on Underlying Soil Moisture Content
Hoeher, Aly An Analysis of the Growth Mechanisms of Diagenetic Marine Carbonate Concretions in the Hamilton Group
Muscato, Matt A Multivariate Analysis of Lake-Effect Snow Storms in Western New York
Archer, Sean An Assessment of Wind Power Potential in New York State
Beilman, Joshua Teleconnections Influence on Coastal Precipitation
Curtis, Gwendolyn Environments Conducive for Derechos on the Leeward Side of the Appalachian Mountains
Gahagan, Shawn Sedimentary Petrology of Chimney Bluffs: The Effects of Depositional Process on Mineral Composition in a Drumlin
Iraggi, Christopher The Effect of Climate Change on Atlantic Tropical Systems
Johnson, Chase No Title Available (Blood Rain Events)
Kerschner, Kara A Determination of the Significance of Teleconnections and Air Masses on Rochester, NY Snowfall
LaFlamme, Danielle The Role of Topography on the 7 June 2012 Tornadic Supercell Near Wheatland, WY
Medici, Gina Testing and Achieving a Better Understanding of the Significant Tornado Parameter
Pratt, Erin Hurricane-Spawned Tornadoes in Relation to Storm Distance from Shore
Selbert, Chad Surveying Earthquake Zonal Damages Influenced by Soil Strength and Water Table Depth in Christchurch, New Zealand
Sperduti, Mark Recent Link Between Arctic Sea Ice on the Winter Season Atmospheric Circulation
Zodarecky, Josh Mineral Composition of Chimney Bluffs and the Effect of Varying Depositional Settings on the Lithofacies

Author Title - Spring 2012
Acito, Stephanie Was the atmosphere's instability correlated with the maximum wind speeds recorded during the 1995 Ontario-Adirondack Derecho? A Case Study
Bremer, Kristin Parameters Affecting Hail Size
Fewkes, Zachary Examination of rhythmites of pro-glacial Lake Tonawanda: Evidence of a proimal-distal development
Fusco, Travis Modeling Soil Moisture Distribution
Gibbs, Tim Lake-effect Rain Band Orientation and Location Over Lake Ontario
Gildemeyer, Brian Has the Distribution of Tornadoes Within the US Geographically Shifted Over the Last Sixty Years?
Koehler, Andrew Examination of the Environmental Factors Influencing Accumulated Cyclone Energy in the Atlantic Basin
Krossber, Andrew Oil Trend Interpretations
Kuhl, Alexandria Identifying Shallow Bedrock on the Onondaga Formation Using Ground Penetrating Radar
Lovett, Kathy Public Perception of Weather Forecasting
Mckeever, Glenn Pressure Systems and their Influence on Lake Effect Snow
Morris, Katherine Beach Closings: A Correlation to Meteorological Conditions
Parker, Nicole Hurricane Risk Percpeption
Polkowski, Jeffrey Reducing Urban Storm Water Runoff by Utilizing Yard Space
Rodgers, Michael Long-term Changes of Temperature in the Laurentian Great Lakes: Correlation to Climatologic Oscillations
Simpson, Micheal Isentropic Versus Isobaric Coordinates in the Pre-Convective Atmosphere
Stetz, Molly Potential Impact of Climate Change on Long-term Stream Discharge in New York State
Sutton, Michelle Coral Reefs' Response to Global Warming
Wallace, Kenneth Lake Tonawanda Shoreline in Clarendon, New York
Wehner, Brian Differences Between Northeast and Midwest United States Environments that Lead to Tornadic Thunderstorms

Author Title - Spring 2011
Nelligan, Maria Belemnoid Species in the Sundance Formation, Wyoming
Stachnick, Dan Solar Power Applications in Upstate New York
Mitchell, Michelle The Relationship Between African Easterly Waves and the Saharan Air Layer
Geasey, Jon An Analysis of Lake-Effect Rain Associated with Lake Ontario
Andilorio, Marcello Lake Breeze Convection: A Case Study
Bryant, Kelley Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts: Use in Flash Flood Forecasting
Dunn, Doug Use of Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts for Timing Agricultural Operations to Reduce Nonpoint Source Pollution
Johnson, Jeremiah Acid Rain in the Adirondacks: Analyzing the Effects of Acid Deposition in the Adirondack Region and the Chemical Responses to Anthropogenic Pollution of Paleoflow Conditions
Liberatore, Stephen Using Sedimentary Structures and Particle Size Analysis as a Diagnostic Indicator of Paleoflow Conditions
DeSain, A.J. Changes in Hurricane Frequency: Environmental Factors Influencing Hurricanes
Simmons, Andrew Source of Water for Spring Creek, Caledonia, NY
Lapenta, Kristen The Influence of Cosmic Rays on the Antarctic Ozone Hole
Giannandrea, AnneMarie Evaluation of the Use of Polarimetric Reflectivity Data as a Flooding Nowcasting Tool


Title - Fall 2010

Fisher, Brian On the Relationship Between Hurricane Intensity and Lightning Density
Tiffany, Jason A Quantitative Approach to the Effects of Sea Surface Temperatures and Vertical Wind Shear on Hurricane Intensity
Clements, Matt The Impact of Mesovortices on the Intensity of Hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin

Author Title - Spring 2010
Collins, Mike Left-Lateral Mega Kink Band on Lower Goose Island in Casco Bay, Maine
Przybyla, Sandy Variations of Near-Surface Air Temperature Lapse Rates in New York State: Implications for Hydrologic Processes
Fallot, Pat The Erie Canal: A Source for Phosphorus in Oak Orchard River?
Murray, Kari Investigating a Connection Between Air Pollution and Rainfall Downwind of St. Clair County, Illinois
Lyons, Collin Site Selection of Areas Conducive to Wetland Formation Through Use of a Rating System
Stoss, Kaeti Wetland and Archaeological Site Distribution in Western New York
Smith, Mikki Seasonal Phosphorus Cycling in Irondequoit Bay, New York
Meyers, Jason Powering Wyoming County:Using Windmills to Generate Electricity

Author Title - Fall 2009
Tobias, Joshua Vulnerability and Hurricane Response: An Analysis of Post Katrina New Orleans
Waters, Courtney Effects of the Mount Morris Dam on the Lower Genesee River during the Flood of 1972
Visca, Amy Residential Geothermal Use
Clark, Barry Flood Frequency Analysis of the West Creek Watershed
Dudek, Tanya Transportation Corridors and Their Impact on Soil Infiltration
Coady, Jillian A Study on the Leaching of Phosphorus from Grass Clippings into Surface Water
Cieplensky, Brian Coastal Flooding: A GIS Analysis of Vulnerability to Hurricane Storm Surge Inundation in Lafourche Parish, Southeastern Louisiana
Chmielowiec, Elena Is Ellison Park a Sink for Phosphorus?
Herrington, Steve Bow Echo Mesovortices: Potential Causes of Surface Wind Damage
Libby, Jill Determining the Source of Water from Conduit Flow at Buttermilk Falls, LeRoy, NY
Lowe, Jeanine Plesiosaur Extinction
Spier, Christine Why Did Bivalves Effect Brachiopods?

Author Title - Spring 2009
Payne, Caldwell Stratrigraphic Analysis of the Onondaga Formation and Relationships with Groundwater Flow: Case Study in LeRoy, New York
Hobbins, Kelly Phosphorus Plume in Septic Effluent
Leach, Christine The Nocturnal Low-Level Jet as an Influencing Factor to Nocturnal Severe Weather in the Central and Southern Plains
Frazer, Erika The Fire's Discharge
Daniluk, Timothy Source of Flood Water at the Quinlan Road Sinkhole in LeRoy, New York
Prunella, Michael Examining an Extreme Lake-Effect Snow Event, October 12-13, 2006
Stypa, Amy Impact and Precipitation Events on Phosphorus Fluxes from the Oak Orchard Watershed using SWAT
Damyanov, Nikolay Variability of Frost Days in the Contiguous United States
Rivera, Brian Is the GFS a Good Model for Forecasting Tropical Cyclone Landfalls?
Hart, Caitlin A Quantitative Comparison of Three Satellite-Based Fog Indentification Products
Rengert, Desirae Efficiency Analysis of SUNY Brockport through Recycling Rates

Author Title - Fall 2008
Orlowski, Dennis Intensity and Longevity of Tornadoes
Bagg, John What Makes a Strong Lake Snow Inland Penetration Case from Lake Ontario and How Does it Compare to a Weak Inland Penetration Case?
Szatkowski, Aimee Nearshore Sediment Deposition Patterns Associated with a Subwatershed of Conesus Lake
Bader, Mindy Comparing the Effects of Different Land Uses on Stormwater Runoff
Landers-Appelle, Kathleen Trace Fossils in Rochester Gorge
Rodriguez, A.J. What was the Direction and Maximum Amount of Stress within the Alleghanian Orogeny?

Author Title - Spring 2008
Ransom, Robert Ageostrophic Wind in Upper Level Jet Streaks
Pankratz, Chandra Analysis and Classification of Moraine Features in Western New York
Staiber, Lisa Accuracy of Weather Forecasts for Rochester, NY
Thompson, Andrew Phosphorus Concentration in the Sediments of Northrup Creek
Wojdan, Lisa Comparing Numerical Weather Prediction Models in Forecasting Lake-Effect Snow Throughout Western and Central New York

Author Title - Fall 2007
Blasioli, Maryalice Intervertebral Spacing in a Jurassic Ichthyosaur
Amico, Anthony Determination of Climatic Change from 1900-2006 in Charleston, South Carolina and Comparison to Central Park, New York
Carney, Heather The Rochester Urban Heat Island
Clare, Ryan Channel Head Initiation
Curtis, Jeffrey Ensemble Forecasting in Western New York State
Ryan, Morgan Summer Precipitation and Temperatures Versus Winter Snowfall
Cannarozzo, Nicole Mercury Contamination in Lake Michigan

Author Title - Spring 2007
Zegarelli, Brooke Lake-Effect Snow Events from Lake Champlain
Adriaansen, Daniel A Synoptic Overview of Nocturnal Cool-Season Convective Events in the Southeastern U.S.
Domm, Paul Diurnal Variations of Lake-Effect Precipitation
Steffan, Matthew A Study on Tropical System Formation and Intensification in Accordance with the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation
Bzdick, Bryan Case Study of The Labor Day Storms from September 7, 1998
Balschmiter, Baylee Topographic Influences on Storm Motion
Pensgen, Stacey Hail in the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the Effects of Topography
Caldwell, Jamie Hurricane Spawned Tornadoes
Peluso, Mike Case Study of Weather in Bow Echoes
McLaughlin, Jessica Topographic Influences to Severe Weather in New York State
Atkinson, Robert The Correlation Between Above-Average Late Winter Snowfall and Decembers with Less Than 13 Inches of Snowfall
Schlifke, Michael Influence of El Nino Southern Oscillation on Lake-Effect Snow in Western New York
Earle, Steven 11-12 February 2006 Snowstorm
Kaproth, Bryan Influence of Water Content Assumptions on OSL Age Determinations
Belge, Jennifer The Role of "Blobs" on Tornadogenesis
Manges, Howard Thermal Through Formation Over the Great Lakes from September through November
Maniace, Chad Inland Penetration of Lake-Effect Snow Bands Off Lake Erie
Bills, Justin Differential Land-Use and its Effects on Thermal Loading
Sachman, William A Case Study of Heavy Rain Events in the Southern Tier of New York
Vegh, Allison Gust Front Interactions with Thunderstorms
Semione, Adrianna Erratics and Heavy Minerals of Moraine Deposits in Western NY

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