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Scholars Day - April 9, 2014

  • Natural Disasters: What We REALLY Need to Worry About -- Shauna Abbott, John Bice, Kelly Blaine, Ashley Brush, Rebecca Buranich, Caroline Condon, Patrick Crocker, Jill Daddario, Breanna Fortney, Benjamin Haskell, Sara Palmisano, Samantha Paradis, Danielle Saulon, Katelyn Scott, Emily Siddall, Kayla Szczepanski, Ericka Zambotti, Andrew Zimmer
  • Quantifying Differences in Grain Size Distribution and Sediment Transport During Flash Floods and Constant Steady Flows in an Experimental Flume-- Rebecca Rhodes
  • Eyes on the Sky: Intro to Meteorology Photos (Poster) -- Amanda Burke, Ryan Connors, Cecilia McCaffrey, Jeffrey Mitchell, Jillian Reynolds
  • No Two Alike? Ice Crystals Structures of Falling Snow -- Katelynn Conley, Cameron Garrand, Daniel Grosche, Jung Won Kim, Robert Lindenmuth, Joshua Litteer, Chelsy Richley, Brad Reidel
  • Facilitated Leaching of Pb from an Urban Soil -- Katelyn Almeter
  • Response of Small Watershed to Changes in Precipitation Patterns -- Margaret Allocco, Kimberly Engels, Skylar Francis
  • Radar Analysis of El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado -- Jessica Ritchlin
  • Radar Imagery of May 2009 Super Derecho -- Jacob Sojda
  • Lake-Effect Snow Types -- Dan Grosche
  • Joplin Tornado 2011 -- John Regan
  • Dangerous Tornadoes -- Melissa Olday
  • Satellite Imagery of Hurricane Sandy -- Christopher Rauber
  • Satellite Images of Typhoon Haiyan -- Kadir Goz

Scholars Day - April 10, 2013

  • The Distribution of Antropocene Lead in Urbain Soil: A Case Study -- Gina Pope
  • Interactions Between Land Use and Local Lithology on the Phosphorus Content of Northrup Creek, NY -- Amanda Napieralski
  • The Limestone Pavements of Chaumont -- Rebecca Rhodes

Scholars Day - April 11, 2012

  • Parameters Effects on Hail Size -- Kristin Bremer
  • Examination of the Relationships Between the Quasi-biennial Oscillation, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, the Southern Oscillation, and the Accumulated Cyclone Energy in the Atlantic Basin -- Andrew Hoehler
  • Storm Chasing: Getting Ahead of the Storm -- Nicole Parker
  • Pressure Systems and Their Influence on Lake-Effect Snow -- Glenn McKeever
  • Ice Cover Over Lake Erie and Its Relationship to Lake-Effect Snowfall -- Matthew Muscato
  • The End of the World in 2012 - How Scared Should We Be? -- James Zollweg, Richard Turner, Thomas Blood, Ellen Brabo, Bridget Collins, Nicole D'Arcangelis, Christopher Debbins, Jourdan Giambona, Moriah Gilhooly, Abigail Graham, Meagan Gruver, Casey Kasper, Alexandra Keery, Samantha Lawrence, Jennifer Loux
  • Paleoeocology of an Ichthyosaurs Specimen-- Christopher Rauber
  • Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Weather Hazard Management-- Kara Kerschner, Erin Pratt, Kristin Bremer, Jonathan Strivings, Chad Selbert, Micheal Simpson
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the 'Cloud' --James Zollweg

Scholars Day - April 6, 2011

  • How Natural Disasters are Made Worse by Social, Political and Economic Issues -- James Zollweg, Racheal Adenegan, Samantha Bottorff, Auriel Burns, Laura Clark, Elizabeth Cramer, Ilona Dragos, Nicole Fuller, Daniel Greco, Nicole Hird, Catherine Jira, Aaron Kinsella, Stephanie Lash, Katherine LIttlefield, Sarah Michael, James Mignano, Erin St. James, Mariah Stanton, Mark Trova, Gregory Zubal

Scholars Day - April 7, 2010

  • Responding to Natural Disasters: The Emergency Management Process - 5 class Poster Presentations
    • Caitlin Allen, Emily Bettendorf, Amanda Burgio, McKensie Connelly, Robyn Dinderski, Julie Klafehn, Kyle Koehler, Kelsey Kuney, Danielle LaFlamme, Rachel Lance, Natasha McFadden, Monique McLaughlin, Cassandra Negley, Sarah Page, Alec Richardson, Thomas Robertson, Amy Root, Kyle Sauln, Allison Sawyer, Robert Schulze
  • Routing the Genesee River Flood of 1972 -- Courtney Waters
  • Seasonal Phosphorus Cycling in Irondequoit Bay -- Mikki Smith
  • Optimized and Adaptive Snow Plow Routing Using Best-First Search Artificial Intelligence Algorithm -- James Zollweg
  • Determining the Source of Conduit Flow at Buttermilk Falls, LeRoy, NY -- Jill Libby
  • Locating Karst Features in the Onondaga Formation, Western, NY -- Alexandria Kuhl

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