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Advisement Resources, Forms and Policies

Plan of Study (POS)

A Plan of Study is an advising tool meant to assist you and your advisor to explore program coursework options and possible degree completion paths. It is meant to guide your decisions about course selection and course registration.

Degree Audit (DARS or Degree Works)

Lists all the degree requirements you will need to complete at Brockport, and all of the degree requirements you have already completed. It is also used by the Office of Registration and Records to confirm that all degree requirements are complete for a student who applies for graduation.


Banner is a software application used to maintain student, alumni, financial and personnel data. Brockport graduate students can log in to their Banner account and engage in a variety of campus specific processes; including course registration, transcript review, student accounts processing, graduate DARS access, and applying for graduation. Banner login

Advisor Information

I forgot who my advisor is, how do I get that information? - Simply log in to your Banner account and follow these steps:

  • Select Student Services
  • Select Student Records
  • Select Academic Transcript
  • View Graduate Transcript
  • Advisor name is posted toward the top of your transcript

Where can I find my advisor's contact information?

Please select the Faculty & Staff link in the left navigation for a complete list of EHD faculty and their contact information.

Education and Human Development

Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education
Recommendations for Taking Certification Examinations
**Literacy B-12 Students

Which assessments do I have to take and when should I take them?

EAS - Educating All Students After taking EDI 413, 414, 419, and 430
CST-MST-Content Specialty Test Multi-Subject Test (7-12) After completing 6 credits in English, History, Science, Mathematics, and required Foreign Language and Fine Arts Courses. It is recommended that you take Math courses up to the level of Pre-Calculus since Pre-Calculus is included in the Multi-Subject Test.
CST - Content Specialty Test **Literacy B-12 Students must take the CST - Literacy exam After completing all courses within the discipline major.
CST-SWD - Content Specialty Test Students with Disabilities After completing EDI 413, 414, and 419
EdTPA - Education Teacher Performance Assessment During student teaching

Course Registration

Registering Online

Course Schedule

A Permission Key Number(PKN) is required to enroll in a course that is restricted to a certain student population or otherwise.

  • This number is specific to one particular section of the course and is unique
  • Each number can only be used once
  • Each number can only be used for the section of course in which it was assigned
  • Permission to enter any course that requires approval is a privilege
  • Academic departments are not obligated to grant registration permissions to individuals
  • Education and Human Development PKN request guidance

Advisement Key Number

Not to be confused with a Permission Key Number (PKN) which is used to register for a specific course, an Advisement Key Number is required of a matriculated graduate student attempting to register for his/her second semester of coursework. The student must obtain his/her Advisement Key Number from his/her advisor to register online for that semester. The Office of Registration and Records does not assign or give out Advisement Key Numbers to students.

Thesis/Project Continuation Credit (TCC)

Graduate students who register for a thesis/project course, but do not complete the thesis/project by the end of that semester, must register for a thesis/project continuation credit course (TCC 7XXX) each semester (excluding summer) until the thesis/project has been completed and approved. Continuation credits do not count toward degree requirements, nor do grades for these credits carry quality points used in the calculation of the GPA. Thesis continuation credit form.

Graduate Policies and Forms

Please visit the following websites for additional advisement resources, including important graduate policies and forms.



  • Graduate Forms
  • Registration and Records Forms
  • Course Substitution and Waiver Form - Student must submit this form to his/her advisor when requesting that a Brockport course not identified on his/her DARS be used to satisfy a degree requirement. A course substitution request should be made in advance of registering for such a course as approval of a course substitution request is not guaranteed.
  • Graduate Transfer Credit Request Process - Student must complete this process to request that a non-Brockport graduate course be transferred to Brockport and used toward their Brockport graduate degree.
    • The first step in the graduate transfer credit request process requires that the student submit an official transcript to Brockport's Office of Registration and Records that includes the transfer course (with grade earned) that the student wishes to be reviewed.
    • The second step is for the student to contact their faculty advisor to request a transfer credit review. Advisor approval is required to confirm the coursework under review meets degree requirements and conforms to the Transfer Credit Policy (listed above). Transfer credit requests are not guaranteed.
    • After being notified by the student that a transcript is ready for review, the faculty advisor will complete the Graduate Transfer Credit Approval Form and return that form to the Office of Registration and Records. If graduate transfer credit is approved, both the student's Brockport transcript and graduate DARS will be updated to reflect the transfer of credit.
  • Time to Degree Extension Form
  • Temporary Academic Leave Form
  • Intra-Department Program Change Form This form may be used to request a change of program from one Department of Education and Human Development program to another.
  • Graduation Process (including Application for Graduation Form)
  • Graduate Studies Catalog

Last Updated 11/20/18

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