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Admission Basics

My GPA is below a 3.0. Can I still apply?

Applicants to an Education and Human Development graduate program are expected to hold a minimum GPA of 3.0 or better from the most recent degree granting institution. Applicants with less than a 3.0 GPA can still apply, but may be at a competitive disadvantage.

When will I receive a decision regarding my application?

Application decisions are typically made within 30 days of the college receiving a completed application. The Office of Graduate Studies will inform you in writing regarding the decision of the Department.

May I have a transcript evaluation to determine what credits will transfer if I'm accepted into the program?

Once accepted and enrolled as a graduate student, you may request a transcript review to determine which credits (if any) are eligible for transfer to your program.

May I transfer courses from my undergraduate program (or from a community college) toward completion of the graduate degree requirements?

No. Undergraduate courses may not be transferred toward completion of a graduate degree.

How many credits can I take as a non-matriculated student prior to acceptance into a program?

You may transfer a total of 12 credits toward a graduate degree at The College at Brockport. No more than 9 of those 12 credits may be taken as a non-matriculated student at The College at Brockport. Please remember that you must be accepted and enrolled as a matriculated graduate student before a transcript evaluation can be completed to determine what credits (if any) will transfer.

May I complete my student teaching through The College at Brockport without being a matriculated student?

No. Only matriculated students may receive student teaching placements through The College at Brockport.

Do you offer a Master’s degree in special education?

All of the Department of Education and Human Development programs designed for those who are not currently certified as a teacher lead to certification in Students with Disabilities (special education).

In addition, Brockport offers special education coursework for already certified teachers that has been used to add a NY State Students with Disabilities certificate. Please contact Anne Walton for more details.

Do you have a graduate program leading to initial certification (the first certificate level) in Childhood Education (elementary education)?

No. The only way to complete the requirements for Childhood certification at The College at Brockport is through our undergraduate certification program.

What other graduate education programs does Brockport offer?

In addition to teacher certification programs in the Department of Education and Human Development - Brockport also offers NYS certification programs in Physical Education, Health Education, Dance Education, Educational Administration and School Counseling. For more information visit this Center for Graduate Studies page.

What time of day are courses offered?

Nearly all graduate level courses offered through the Department of Education and Human Development can be taken at night.

Students in the initial certificate programs (designed for those who are not currently certified as a teacher) also have the option to take a majority of their coursework during the day. Please note that students in initial certificate programs are required to complete field placements and student teaching, both of which require daytime availability.

Where are your graduate education courses offered?

The Department of Education and Human Development offers coursework in a variety of settings, including the main campus in Brockport, The College at Brockport Metro Center located in downtown Rochester, and on-line. Coursework location varies from program to program.

Does The College at Brockport offer summer courses?

Yes, the college does offer summer coursework - including Department of Education and Human Development courses.

How long will it take for me to complete my program?

The answer to that question, in large part, depends on you the student. All accepted/enrolled students are assigned a faculty advisor with whom you will work closely to develop a Plan of Study prior to the start of your program. The Plan of Study is a map that establishes the pace by which you will move through your program.

How many students can I expect in the typical graduate education course?

Class sizes in the Department of Education and Human Development range from 8-25 students. You can therefore expect the opportunity to develop close working relationships with both your faculty and fellow classmates.

What are the financial benefits of attending The College at Brockport for my graduate studies?

A college education is an investment in your future, and it's hard to find a better educational value than a SUNY graduate degree. SUNY's tuition and fees are among the lowest and most competitive in the nation. There are many Federal, State, and College financial aid programs to help students meet the costs of attending college. Excellent programs at an outstanding value!

Where is The College at Brockport located?

At The College at Brockport, students enjoy a small-town atmosphere located near the cultural life of main metropolitan cities. We are 16 miles west of the city of Rochester and a short drive from Buffalo, two of New York State's three largest cities. Rochester is easily accessible by plane and train, putting Brockport within traveling distance of many major North American cities, including Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia and New York City.

Brockport itself is a quaint, Victorian village located on the banks of the Erie Canal. The village offers numerous eateries, coffee shops, an art deco movie theater, and gift shops.


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The Village of Brockport

How many students attend The College at Brockport?

Brockport is a mid-sized college, with more than 7,150 undergraduate and 1,250 graduate students.

Certification and Admission

My initial certification is pending. May I apply to one of the graduate programs for currently certified or soon to be certified teachers prior to having my certificate from the NY State Department of Education?

You may apply; however, if accepted into the program your acceptance will be on the condition that you provide proof of certification prior to the start of the semester to which you have been accepted. Acceptable proof of certification is a printed screen shot of your TEACH account noting that your certificate(s) has been issued. It is not necessary to pay for a printed certificate from the NY State Education Department as proof. Proof of certification, for students receiving a conditional admit, should be submitted to The Center for Graduate Studies.

My certification has lapsed, but I would like to start a graduate program for my professional certification. Do I need to apply to an iniital certificate program to become re-certified?

Not necessarily. You should first contact Anne Walton to further discuss your options.

May I take classes toward my state certification without being a matriculated student?

You may take courses as a non-matriculated student. However, not all courses are available to non-matriculated students as some are reserved only for matriculated students. Please contact Anne Walton for more details.

In addition to the education coursework required of the initial certificate gradaute programs (for those not currently certified as a teacher), do I need to complete any other coursework to become certified?

In addition to having completed the Content Core (subject area) coursework required for admission, each of these programs also require applicants to have either previously completed, or complete prior to student teaching, NY State Certification Liberal Arts Core coursework, as well as Pre-Professional Core courses in adolescent psychology and personal health.

All incoming students will receive at orientation an evaluation highlighting their progress toward the completion of these certification requirements. Generally speaking, the majority of incoming graduate students have already completed, or have nearly completed, all of these requirements at the point of admission.

Please note that coursework used to satisfy Content Core (subject area) requirements must be earned with a grade of C or better at the undergraduate level, B- or better at the graduate level. The minimum grade requirement does not apply to coursework to satisfy the Liberal Arts Core and Pre-Professional Core requirements.

In addition to completing all college coursework associated with earning my teaching certificate, are there any other requirements I must satisfy to become initially certified?

The following New York State initial certification requirements are not included in the initial certificate programs, but extensive guidance on how to satisfy these requirements is provided throughout the program. These certification requirements are not considered admission requirements:

  • successful completion of NY State teacher certification examinations
  • state mandated fingerprinting
  • Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment workshop (also known as CAD training)
  • School Violence Prevention Training workshop (also known as SAVE training)
  • Dignity for All Students Act workshop (also known as DASA training)

Still Have Questions?

Please contact Anne Walton or at (585) 395-2326.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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