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Next Stops Checklist

All newly accepted students must complete the following steps (in the order listed) to finalize the enrollment, advisement and course registration processes.

  1. Respond to Offer of Admission, including submission of the Advance Deposit Form and deposit. Questions about Step 1 should be directed to the Office of Student Accounts.
  2. Read Education and Human Development Advisement email. Email is sent after your Advance Deposit Form and deposit are processed by the college. The advisement email is sent to the email address you posted on your graduate application and will include a link to the New Student Orientation, as well as the name and contact information for your graduate faculty advisor.
  3. Complete online New Student Orientation (link sent in advisement email) - must sign and submit electronic orientation form. Make certain to access your Brockport email address and identify your Banner ID number.
  4. Meet with Advisor to complete Plan of Study and discuss course registration. You must know your Brockport email address and your Banner ID number to successfully complete this process.
  5. Register for Courses.

Helpful Terms and Abbreviations

  • Banner ID # (always starts with 800...) - your Brockport Identification Number.
  • Plan of Study (POS) - A Plan of Study is an advising tool meant to assist you and your advisor to explore program coursework options and possible degree completion paths. It is meant to guide your decisions about course selection and course registration.
  • Degree Audit (Degree Works) - Lists all the degree requirements you will need to complete at Brockport. It is also used by the Office of Registration and Records to confirm that all degree requirements are complete for a student who applies for graduation.
  • Permission Key Number (PKN) - A Permission Key Number is required to enroll in a course that is restricted to a certain student population or otherwise. PKN are course specific. A student seeking to enroll in such a course must request a PKN from the academic department offering that course.
  • Advisement Key Number - Not to be confused with a Permission Key Number (PKN) which is used to register for a specific course, an Advisement Key Number is required of a matriculated graduate student attempting to register for his/her second semester of coursework.
  • Department of Education and Human Development (EHD) - Your new College at Brockport academic department.
  • Brown Building (technically Albert W. Brown Building) - main campus location of faculty and staff offices.
  • Cooper Hall - main campus location of most education courses.
  • Brockport Downtown - downtown Rochester campus of The College at Brockport.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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