Dr. Christian Wilkens

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Associate Professor, Department Chair

Office: 212 Albert W. Brown Building
Phone: (585) 395-5548
E-mail: cwilkens@brockport.edu


EdD, Harvard Graduate School of Education
MEd, Harvard Graduate School of Education
MA, University of Mississippi
BS, Cornell University

Area(s) of specialty

Foundations, Assessment & Evaluation, Adolescence Education, Quantitative Research Methods

Research interest(s)

School choice; charter schools; homeschooling; students with disabilities.


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Cimbricz, S., Wilkens, C., & Stoll, D. (2015).  Developing Mathematical Thinking in the 21st  Century. Educator’s Voice (NYSUT).  www.nysut.org/~/media/files/nysut/resources/2015/april/edvoiceviii_final.pdf?la=en

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Last Updated 11/20/18

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