Dr. Janka Szilagyi

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Associate Professor

Office: 210 Albert W. Brown Building
Phone: (585) 395-5945
E-mail: jszilagy@brockport.edu


PhD, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
MA, University at Szeged, Hungary
MS, University at Szeged, Hungary

Area(s) of specialty

Mathematics teaching and learning, Bilingualism, Foreign Language teaching and learning

Research interest(s)

Developmental progressions in the learning of mathematical concepts, Elementary and middle level mathematics teachers’ understanding of inquiry, Heritage language maintenance


Szecsi, T., & Szilagyi, J. (2012). Immigrant Hungarian Families’ Perceptions of New Media Technologies in the Transmission of Heritage Language and Culture. Language, Culture and Curriculum, 25(3), 265-281.

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Szilagyi, J. & Szecsi, T. (2008). A preschool called “ Maci” where children, teachers and parents feel at home. In E.Barko & F. Shaffhauser (Ed). Child-Centered Education in Maci Preschool 1993-2008. Jászberény: Maci Alapitvány. pp. 44-51. (in Hungarian).

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Szilagyi, J. (2004). Hungarian pre-service elementary school teachers’ beliefs and attitudes regarding mathematics, its teaching, and its learning. Jászsági Évkönyv, Jászberény (in Hungarian).

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