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Assistant Professor

Office: 206 Albert W. Brown Building
Phone: (585) 395-5468
E-mail: kyurko@brockport.edu


PhD, University of Florida
MA,Clemson University
BA, Virginia Tech

Area(s) of specialty

  • Children's Literature
  • Literacy
  • English Language Arts (Teacher Education)

Research interest(s)

  • Social Justice
  • Young Adult Literature and Multicultural Literature
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Reader Response Theory
  • Critical Teaching
  • Literacy


Colantonio-Yurko, K.C., Oslick, M.E., Worlds, M., Miller, C. (2016). Secondary students using poetry to explore understandings of multicultural literature. The Dragon Lode, 34 (2), 42-54.

Colantonio-Yurko, K.C. & Krell, D. (2014). Book suggestions for teaching social justice in the secondary ELA classroom. Florida Laboratory Schools Journal, 1(1), 14-18.


Lowery, R. M., Oslick, M. E.,Worlds, M.,and Yurko, K. (2016, July). "The art of fostering deep discussions: Expanding the school-home-community dialogue." Panel presentation delivered at the annual conference of the International Literacy Association (ILA), Boston, MA.

Fu, D., Yurko, K.C.C.,Park, J.(April 2016). “Culturally Responsive Teaching in a Tenth Grade Classroom.” Panel Presentation at American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference in Orlando, Fl.

Fu, D. Miller, C., Yurko, K.C.C., Dong, R., Park, J., Cheveallier, J., Deng, L. (Febuary 2016). “Developing Adolescents’ Awareness of Social Justice Issues through Literature.” Panel Presentation at the JoLLE Conference in Athens, GA.

Yurko, K.C.C. (November 2015). “A Seat at the Table: African American Students’ Perceptions of Multicultural Literature.” Panel Presentation at National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference. Minneapolis, MN.

Miller, C., Yurko, K.C.C. (November 2015). “Finding Our Voices: Teachers’ Reflections on the teaching of Gender, Human Trafficking, Feminism, and Women in Contemporary Society through YAL.” Presentation at National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference. Minneapolis, MN.

Yurko, K.C.C., Miller, C. (October 2015). “We’re Always Reading about Discrimination”: Marginalized Perspectives in Secondary ELA.” Presentation at National Association of Multicultural Education’s 25th Annual International Conference. New Orleans, LA.

Krell,D.& Yurko, K.C.C. (April 2014). Beneath the Surface: YAL Novel Covers and Gender. Presented at AERA, Philadelphia, PA.

Yurko, K.C.C. & Krell, D. (February 2013). Cover Me?: Representations of Gender in Students’ Reading Choices. Presented at the JoLLE Conference. Athens, GA

Oslick, M. E., Lowery, R. M., Lee, L. T., & Yurko, K. C. C. (October 2013). 2013 Orbis Pictus Award & More: Balancing Children’s Literacy with Nonfiction Books. Presented at the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators (SRATE) Conference, Sarasota, FL.

Townsend,J., Cheveallier,J., Wilde, N.O.,Yurko, K.C.C. (October 2012). The Dialogical Self: Animating and Animated by Text and Image. Interactive Symbposia presented at The International Conference on the Dialogical Self, Athens, GA.

Oslick, M. E., Lowery, R. M., Lee, L. T., & Yurko, K. C.C. (December 2012). Jane Addams children's book award: Threading the history, critical literacy strategies, & student responses. Presented at the American Reading Forum (ARF) Conference, Sanibel, FL.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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