Dr. Peter Veronesi

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Associate Professor

Office: 200 Albert W. Brown Building
Phone: (585) 395-5544
E-mail: pveronesi@brockport.edu


PhD, Science Education, The University of Iowa
MEd, Science Education, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
BS, Biology and Earth Science Education, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Area(s) of specialty

Childhood and Adolescent Science Education, Sustainable architecture and building techniques, Solar energy design, Straw bale construction

Research interest(s):

Science Teacher Education, Lesson Study using video taping for self and mentor reflection


Yasar, O., Veronesi, P., Maliekal, J., Little, L., Vattana, S., Yeter, I. (2016). Computational Pedagogy: Fostering a New Method of teaching. Computers in Education Journal, 7(3), 51-72. 

Veronesi, P. (2015). In Jon Pedersen, Kevin Finson, Barbara Spector, Paul Jablon (Ed.). A Pioneer of Small College Science Teacher Education: Dr. Paul Kuerbis. In Going back for our future II. (Volume II ed. pp. 191-226). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. www.infoagepub.com/series/Pioneers-of-Science-Education.

Love, K., Phillipston-Mower, T., & Veronesi, P. (2010). Engaging the environment: Relationships of demography, ecojustice, and science teacher education in response to Wolff-Michael Roth. In D. Tippins, M. P. Mueller, M. Eijck, J. D. Adams (Eds.), Cultural Studies and Environmentalism: The Confluence of EcoJustice, Place-Based (Science) Education, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems. (pp. 83-104).Springer.

Veronesi, P., & Cervini, L. (2006). The primary classroom: Science, literacy, and inquiry - Oh my! In R. E. Yager (Ed.), Exemplary science in the Elementary Classroom: Standards-based success stories. Arlington, VA: NSTA Press.

Veronesi, P., & Biedlingmaier, K. (2005). Stop talking, start listening: Turning didactic science teaching on its head. In R. E. Yager (Ed.), Exemplary science in grades 9-12: Standards-based success stories. Arlington, VA: NSTA Press.

Veronesi, P. (2004). Testing and assessment in science education: Setting par for the course. In J. Weld (Ed.), The Game of Science Education. (pp. 288-316). Pearson Education, Inc.

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