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Graduate School Opportunities with EOP

The Educational Opportunity Program at The College at Brockport is committed to assisting students who wish to continue their education beyond the undergraduate level. The college participates in the SUNY Office of Special Programs graduate school tuition waiver program (GOP) and offers graduate fellowship opportunities as well.

Graduate School Tuition Waiver Program

The graduate school tuition waiver is offered to former New York State Opportunity program (EOP, HEOP, SEEK) students. In order to qualify, an individual must be matriculated and enrolled full-time in a graduate program at a SUNY school. The student is required to provide documentation of their enrollment as an undergraduate student on an opportunity program in New York State. Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at (585) 395-2525 for application details.

Graduate Fellowship Opportunities

The Educational Opportunity Program at The College at Brockport provides opportunities to students pursuing a graduate degree. Several graduate fellowship positions are offered at the EOP office to qualified students. Graduate students work as graduate counselors and are afforded the unique experience of working directly with our students. There is a minimum twenty-hour per week commitment and the graduate counselor is assigned a caseload, along with other program duties. A competitive stipend is offered to graduate counselors. Any student interested in this unique opportunity should contact the Office of Graduate Studies directly.

Graduate students

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