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Glenn S. Goldberg '80 Scholarship Administered by the Office for Engaged Learning

Through the generous donation of Glenn S. Goldberg, '80 and Kim M. Burke, the State University College at Brockport Foundation, Inc. has established the Glenn S. Goldberg Scholarship. This competitive program supports full semester student internships during the academic year or summer to help provide students with valuable internship experiences to expand the student's knowledge and application of skills learned in the classroom. Assistance is in the form of a $3,000 educational expense grant to support a student's semester-long internship.


2016 Glenn S. Goldberg Scholarship Winners

Osama Aibangbee (B.S. '17) is a Sports Management major planning on participating in the Dublin Summer Internship Program as part of his major requirements. Osama writes "One of my professors who is also an advocate for learning through practical experience always refers to Confucius' saying; "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. But I do and I understand." This saying is stating that the best way to learn, understand, and acquire knowledge is through actually doing. I am a double major, majoring in Sport Management and Exercise Science and I have big goals. I know the best way to achieve those goals and to gain the knowledge needed to achieve those goals is by having hands-on experience. Doing various practicums for my sport management major has shown me the significance of hands-on experience and internships."

Thalia Nunez (B.S. '17) is a Spanish Education major planning on participating in the Costa Rica ULACIT summer educational internship program this summer. Thalia writes "The way this internship will challenge me beyond my comfort zone is by placing me in a foreign setting where I will be teaching young native Spanish speakers their own language and regarded as a specialist in this field. While I am confident in my skills and abilities, I realize it will take some time for me to fully grasp the Costa Rican dialect and culture. I feel that this code is necessary to learn in order to be fully effective in the classroom."

Kelly Valente (B.S. '17) is an International Business major and Spanish minor planning an internship in Costa Rica this summer. Kelly writes "As a junior in college, it is crucial for me to begin gaining internship experiences. The program in Costa Rica enables me to access companies and opportunities that I would not be able to acquire on my own. Primarily, this internship will give me an idea of what it might be like to work abroad, which is something I imagine doing in the future."

Chandler Webster (B.S. '17) is an International Studies/Spanish major with a minor in History planning to participate in an internship in Beijing, China this summer. Chandler writes "As a "typical" job/internship requires a person to leave their comfort zone, I am certain that one in China will challenge me even more. The cultural and language barriers that exist will certainly prove difficult at times, but I am confident that when I return, I will have changed as a person as a result of these experiences. I believe that events such as these are crucial to both professional and personal growth."


Career Services 101 Rakov Center (585) 395-2159

Career Services

In addition to professional development opportunities Career Services offers to students, Career Services can connect you to many internship opportunities. The time commitment required by an internship can range from a few hours per week to full-time positions. You can be involved in internships on campus, in the greater Rochester area, in your home town, or in new locations across the country like Washington, D.C. or Disney World.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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