Career Preparation for English Majors

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The EOP Program at SUNY Brockport is committed to assisting students who wish to continue their education beyond the undergraduate level.

First Year

Evaluate your interests and strengths and discover the career paths for English majors.

Exploring a Career

Take a Career Interest Survey

Visit our Career Services website to take a career interest survey and discuss the results with an advisor.

Attend the Part-Time Job Festival (Fall)

Career Workshop

Attend the Careers for the Common Good workshop held during the fall semester.

Attend Research & Internship Day

Learn about English majors' range of internships and research opportunities through Summer Undergraduate Research Program held during the fall semester.

Attend Major/Minor Fair

Join Eagle Connect

Eagle Connect is a Career Resource portal offered by SUNY Brockport.

Order Business Cards from Career Services

Have your name, major, and class year added to your business card and use them when you meet someone with an interesting job.

Earn Good Grades & Find Mentors

Consider joining English Club, submitting a piece to the literary magazine Jigsaw or writing for the Stylus.

Second Year

Develop a professional approach, gain the right tools and learn more about career options for English majors.

Choosing a Direction

Attend Career Events

  • Part-time Job Festival
  • Careers for the Common Good
  • Jobs and Internships Fair (spring semester)
  • Greater Rochester Teacher Recruitment Day (spring semester)
  • Career Workshops

Do an Informational Interviewing with Three People & Ask to Job-Shadow One of Them

Develop a Résumé & Have Career Services Review it

Volunteer with the Office of Community Development

Take a Professional Writing or Career Preparation for English Majors Course

Round Out Your Experiences

  • Think about studying abroad
  • Choose an unusual minor
  • Aim for a volunteer service award through the Office of Community Development
  • Attend Scholars Day and Writers Forum reading
  • Apply for the Washington, DC internship semester, the New York City alumni trip, or the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

Apply for Scholarships

Third Year

Build a professional profile with career credentials, internship experience, and interesting experiences.

Developing Credentials

Possible First/Second Internship

Continue to Attend Career Workshops

Get a Professional Photo

The Job Fair offers professional photos for students that attend. use your professional photo to create a profile on LinkedIn.

Take a Professional Writing or Career Preparation for English Majors Course

Leverage Your Coursework

Present your work at Scholars Day, NCUR or SURC, cultivate a mentor relationship; keep your grades up; publish in the Stylus or Jigsaw; apply for scholarships.

Research Grad Schools

Take qualifying exams (e.g. LSAT, GRE), gather letters of recommendation, craft personal statement and review with an advisor.

Develop an "Elevator Pitch"

Develop an elevator pitch about who you are, what skills you have, and what you want to do with them.

Fourth Year

Get Ready for launch! Polish and refine job materials, practice professional networking and interviewing skills.

Articulate & Target

Complete a First or Second Internship or do Student Teaching

Present at Research & Internship Day

Continue Research for Grad Schools

Re-take you qualifying exams, gather letters of recommendation, craft personal statement, and review with an advisor.

Continue Attending Career Workshops

Update, Scrub & Align All Your Social Media Accounts

Get a professional photo taken ad the Job fair if you have not yet done so.

Visit Career Services Express Desk

The Express Desk will help with résumés and cover letters. Send out your applications.

Take a Capstone Course

Also consider taking Career Prep for English Majors or Professional Writing.

Assemble an Interview Outfit

If you do not have the necessary clothes, visit the Professional Clothes Closet in Career Services.

Schedule a Mock Interview

Last Updated 7/23/21