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ENG 102  Fundamentals of College Compostion.  For students who need practice in expository writing skills. Provides intesive work in writing standard, edited English as preparation for entering ENG 112.

Objective 1

Students will become comfortable using a process approach to writing college papers.


Students will use prewriting strategies such as brainstorming, clustering, free-writing, and journalistic questions to generate ideas, topics, and information.


When producing preliminary drafts both in and out of class, students will be able to

  • identify a purpose (e.g., expressive, expository, persuasive) for writing;
  • generate clear and limited thesis statements;
  • generate supporting details by elaborating on ideas identified in prewriting;
  • identify relationships among ideas and supporting details;
  • develop a working plan to organize their materials; and
  • write introductions and conclusions.


In response to peer and instructor feedback, students will be able to evaluate and revise their drafts in order to ensure that they have

  • developed a clear, narrowly defined thesis;
  • employed enough specific details to support general impressions (for descriptions) and main ideas (for exposition); and
  • ordered their ideas in a logical, functional manner;


Through focused proofreading, students will correct errors of grammar, usage, and mechanics so that their papers adhere to the conventions of standard, written English. (see Objective 2).

Objective 2

Students will accurately employ the conventions of standard, written English.

Students will:

  • identify most of the grammar, usage, and mechanical errors in their own papers;
  • accurately correct errors such as comma splices, fused sentences, fragments, misplaced modifiers, faulty parallelism, and problems with agreement, punctuation, and spelling; and
  • rewrite sentences that lack clarity or are wordy.

Objective 3

Students will read college-level texts critically

Students will be able to:

  • summarize and paraphrase passages from an assigned text and
  • provide critical commentary and analysis for an assigned text

Objective 4

Students will accurately assess the social context in which they write.

Students will:

  • identify the audience in each writing situation;
  • be sensitive to ways in which the audience's attitudes, beliefs, and values are formed by the social environment;
  • employ particular strategies to communicate with their intended audience; and
  • develop awareness of how their own beliefs and ideas are formed by social context.

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