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Alicia Kerfoot

Dr. Alicia L. Kerfoot

Assistant Professor
(585) 395-2503
Office: 214 LAB



  • Ph.D., McMaster University, 2010
  • M.A., University of Guelph, 2005
  • B.A., University of Waterloo, 2003

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature and culture
  • Romantic literature and culture
  • The Gothic novel (especially the Female Gothic novel)
  • Nuns and nunneries in British literature (1660-1830)
  • Material culture, costume, clothing, and fashion (1660-1830)
  • Footwear, movement, and the body in literature (1660-1830)
  • Jane Austen, Frances Burney, Ann Radcliffe

Academic Employment

  • Assistant Professor, Department of English, The college at Brockport: State University of New York (2012-Present)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Prince Edward Island (2011-2012)
  • Lecturer, Department of English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University (2009-2011)
  • Lecturer, Department of English, University of Waterloo (2010-2011)


  • PhD, Department of English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University (2010)
  • MA, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph (2005)
  • BA, Honours English Literature and Applied Studies Co-operative Program, University of Waterloo (2003)

Dissertation: "Domestic Ruins: Imagining the Nunner in Eighteenth-Century British Literature"

Committtee: Dr. Peter Walmsley (Supervisor), Dr. Catherine A Grise, Dr. Grace Kehler.

External Reader Dr. Katherine Binhammer, University of Alberta



"Prison and Sactuary: Ann Radcliffe's Mutable Nunneries." Under the Veil: Spirituality and  Feminism in Post-Reformation Britain and Europe. Ed. Katherine Quinsey. Cambridge Scholars Press (2012).

"Declining Buckles and Movable Shoes in Frances Bruney's Cecilia." The Burney Journal, Volume 11 (2011).

"Replacing the Old Silver Knife: the Convergence of Antislavery Rhetoric and Legal Discourse in Mansfield Park." Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 31.2 (2008): 275-292

Student Encyclopedia of African Literature. Co-edited with Douglas Killam. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group (December 2007).

Selected Conference Presenations

"The 'spectatress' or the 'party engaged'? Dance and Debt in Frances Burney's Camilla." The Burney Society Biennial Conference, New York, New York (October 2012).

"Ann Radcliffe and the Mutable Aesthetics of Female Monasticism." American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas (March 2012).

Ann Radcliffe's Maternal Waxes: Iconography, the Miniature, and Female Monasticism." Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century studies Annual conference, Hamilton, Ontario (October 2011).

"Let firm, well-hammer'd soles protect thy Feet': Footwear and the Permeability of the Street in Gay's Trivia" American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia (March 2011)

"Catherine Morland's 'Plain Black Shoes': Pracitcal Femininity and Buried Convents in Northanger Abbey." Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting, Protland, Oregon (October 2010).

"Declining Buckles and Movable Shoes in Frances Burney's Cecilia." American Soceity for Eighteenth -Century Studies Annual conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico (March 2010).

"Inherited Follies: Ruinous History in Sophia Lee's The Recess and at William Beford's Fonthill Abbey." American Society for Eighteeth-Century Studies Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon (March 2008).

Reading Stone Bodies: Nunneries and Domestic Ruins in Alexander Pope and John Brand." Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba (October 2007).

"Replacing the Old Silver Knife: Marriage, Reproduction, Property, and the Convergence of Anti-slavery Rhetoric and Legal Discourse in Mansfield Park." British Soceity for Eighteeth- Century Studies Annual Conference, St. hugh's college, Oxford (January 2007).

Research Experience

  • Production Assistant, Eighteenth-Century Fiction (2009-2011)
  • Research Assistant to Dr. Julie Park (2007-2008)
  • Research Assistant (and co-author), Student Encyclopedia of African Literature (Dr. Douglas Killam), University of Guelph (2007)
  • Research Assistant for the transcription and annotation fo the 1709-1710 periodical the Female Tatler (Dr. Tedra Osell), University of Guelph (2005)

Courses Taught

The College at Brockport: State University of New York

  • English 112: College Composition (Spring 2013)
  • English 230: British Literature I (Spring 2013)
  • English 430: The Long Eighteenth Century (Spring 2013)
  • English 303: Introduction to Literature Analysis (Fall 2012)
  • English 431: English Romatic Writers (Fall 2012)

University of Prince Edward Island

  • English 296: Writing about Literature (Spring 2012)
  • English 335: British Romatic Literature (Spring 2012)
  • English 121: Survey of Literature from its Beginnings to 1785 (Spring 2012)
  • English 192: Introduction to Literature (Fall 2011)
  • English 366: Eighteenth-Century British Literature II (Fall 2011)

McMaster University

  • English 1A03: Shorter Genres (Summer 2011)
  • English 3G06: Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture (Summer 2010)
  • English 3M06: Nineteeth-Century British Literatur and Culture (Fall 2009)

University of Waterloo

  • English 251B: Criticism II (Spring 2010)
  • English 251A: Criticism I (Fall 2010)

Selected Honours and Awards

  • Chawton house Visiting Fellowship, Chawton House Library (June 2012)
  • Honourable Mention, Hemlow Prize in Burney Studies, The Burney Society (2010)
  • Nominee, School of Graduate Studies TA Excellence Award, McMacster University (2009)
  • Reasearch Travel Grant, Edna Elizabeth Ross Reeves Scholarship, McMaster University (2008)
  • Conference Travel Grant, Yates Scholarship Fund, McMaster University
  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, Government of Canada (2007-2009)
  • English & Cultural Studies Conference Fund, McMaster University (2006)
  • Schweitzer Travel Bursary, McMaster University (2006)
  • Board of Graduate Studies Research Scholarship, University of Guelph (2005)
  • Graduate Scholarship, University of Guelph (2004)

Professional Service

The College at Brockport: State University of New York

  • Graduate Committee Member (2012-2013)

University of Prince Edward Island

  • Faculty Advisor, Annual Atlantic Undergraduate English Conference, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick (2012)
  • Commitee Member (Second Reader), Lauren Murphy, Honours Undergraduate Essay on Daphne Du Maureir's Rebecca

External Service and Professional Affiliations

  • Reviewer and Vetter, "Charlotte Lennox," Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism series, Gale Cengage, Inc. (2011)
  • Member, The Burney Society
  • Member, American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
  • Member, Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
  • Member, Modern Language Association

Curriculum Vitae

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