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Megan Norcia

Dr. Megan A. Norcia

Associate Professor
(585) 395-5566
Office: 253 LAB

Teaching and Creative Interests: Children's and Young Adult Literature, British Empire, Women's Writing, Nineteenth-Century Adventure Fiction, Material Culture (Games, Quilts, Archives)

Digital Projects

Drawing on my experience working with archival materials as well as my subject expertise in Victorian literature and culture, I worked closely with Special Collections, the Digital Library Team, and interdisciplinary faculty as a postdoctoral fellow at Lehigh University; my goal was to make rare materials and manuscripts accessible for teaching, research, and learning, and to investigate the promise of digital scholarship in the humanities through the following projects:


In my courses, my goal is to introduce students to the rich history of children’s literature, providing a socio-historical context within which they can interpret literary and cultural texts. Students gain an understanding of “childhood” as a mid-eighteenth-century construct influenced by the Romantic period; we use this basis to reexamine the constructions and representations of the child and childhood in texts from the Golden Age (1865-WWI) to the present to determine how the characters’ strategic escapes, resistances, and complicity with social forces comment on cultural norms and values. I foster a constructivist learning environment in which students can develop a facility for thinking and writing about seemingly simple literature and craft detailed arguments supported by textual evidence.

Study-Abroad Course Experience

  • Mapping British Children’s Literature in London (Summer 2011)

Upper-Level Children's Literature Courses:

(* indicates courses also taught in the distance-learning format)

  • The Journey Home *
  • Reconsidering "Bad" Children * (Hybrid)
  • Talking Animals and the Children who Love them *
  • Castaway Tales *
  • Picture Books and Poetry * (Hybrid)
  • Orphans Triumphant!
  • Heroes and Villains
  • The Sampler

Upper-Level Young Adult Literature Courses

  • Outsiders and Underdogs
  • Utopia and Dystopia
  • Literature and Conformity
  • Banned Books
  • Plugged in: Young Adult Literature and Media
  • Training and De-Railing

Independent Studies

  • Women and Empire in the Late-Victorian Period (Spring 07)
  • Censorship and the YA Novel: A Year of Reading Dangerously (Fall 08)
  • Young Adult Literature for Teaching (Spring 09)
  • Young Adult Literature and Fantasy (Fall 09)
  • "Dear Reader..." Nineteenth-century Narrative Conventions (Fall 09)
  • Young Adult Literature and the Problem Novel: Teen Sexuality (Spring 10)

Upper-Level British Literature Courses:

  • The Nineteenth-Century Novel as Great Exhibition
  • Placing Women in Literature
  • Surveying British Literature 1750-Present

Special Topics Writing Courses

  • Writing about Adventure
  • Writing about Maps, Voyages, and Road Trips
  • Writing about Patchworks: Piecing Music, Images and Texts in the Digital Age

Composition Courses

  • Expository and Argumentative Writing: Practicing Patterns of College Writing
  • Writing about Literary Genres
  • Technical Writing

Team-Teaching Experiences in Online Courses

  • Quilting Unit in Ed Gallagher's Virtual Americana course
  • Early American Literature: the Contact Experience


    I facilitated the students’ use of digital archives, designing a unit in which they would research primary texts with the assistance of librarians, and frame these texts in a digital environment; my article in Pedagogy discusses this experience.


SUNY Brockport

  • Teaching and Learning Workshops facilitator (Fall 05-current)

    I volunteered to conceptualize and organize a series of workshops to promote pedagogical discussion, foster collegiality, and facilitate teaching and learning on the departmental level.

  • Departmental Committee Work

Teaching and Creative Interests

Children’s Literature: the Sampler
Young Adult Literature

Curriculum Vitae

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