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Alexandra Keery

Alexandra Keery '15
BA in English (Literature Concentration)

Books have always been a major part of my life, but it wasn't until high school that I definitely knew that English literature was something I wanted to pursue long term.

Eboni Carman

Eboni Carman '14
Double Majors: English (Creative Writing), Journalism and Broadcasting (Public Relations)

I chose English as my major because I was always a bookworm and I always loved writing.

Jillian Pawlowski

Jillian Pawlowski '14
Double Majors: English Literature, Recreation and Leisure
Minor: Psychology
Honors College

Growing up, I loved to read. So, as a freshman, I knew I wanted to take at least some English classes.

Kent Lester

Kent Lester '13
BA in English (Literature Concentration)

I am a missionary kid from Chimoio, Mozambique. I came back to America for a high school education and then went on to The College at Brockport to study English with a special education certification.

Lydia Rainey

Lydia Rainey '13/'14
BS/MA English: Creative Writing

I studied at Oxford in summer 2013. I took two graduate-level classes, a poetry workshop and a fiction workshop.

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