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Dr. Kathryn Amatangelo

Assistant Professor
Telephone: (585) 395-5743
Email: kamatang@brockport.edu
Office: 117 Lennon Hall

Lab Website


  • PhD, Stanford


  • Ecology (ENV 303)
  • Plant Ecology (ENV 405/505)
  • Plant Diversity (ENV 400/500)
  • Biostatistics/Experimental Design (ENV 437/614)
  • Conservation Biology (ENV 439/539)


  • Plant community change
  • Global change ecology
  • Species invasions
  • Functional traits
  • Ecosystem function
  • Terrestrial biogeochemistry
  • Paleoecology


  • Drew, J. and K.L. Amatangelo. 2017. Community assembly of coral reef fishes along the Melanesian biodiversity gradient. PLoS ONE 12(10): e0186123.
    Waller, D.M, E. Mudrak, K.L. Amatangelo, S.M. Klionsky and D.A. Rodgers. 2016. Do associations between native and invasive plants provide signals of invasive impacts? Biological Invasions 18(12):3465-3480.
  • Johnson, S.E., K.L. Amatangelo, P.A.Townsend and D.M. Waller. 2016. Large, connected floodplain forests prone to flooding best sustain plant diversity. Ecology 97(11):3019-3030.
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  • Drew, J., K.L. Amatangelo and R. Hufbauer 2015. Quantifying the human impacts on Papua New Guinea reef fish communities across space and time. PLOS ONE 10(10): e0140682.
  • Amatangelo, K.L., S. Johnson, D. Rogers and D. Waller 2014. Trait-environment relationships remain strong despite fifty years of trait compositional change in temperate forests. Ecology95:1780-1791.
  • Blois, J., N. Gotelli, A.K. Behrensmeyer, T. Faith, S. Lyons, J. Williams, K.L. Amatangelo, A. Bercovici, A. Du, J. Eronen, g. Graes, N. Jud, C. Labandiera, C. Looy, B. McGill, D. Patterson, R. Potts, B. Riddle, R. Terry, A. Toth, A. Villasenor and S. Wing. 2014. A framework for evaluating the influence of climate, dispersal limitation, and biotic interactions using fossil pollen associations across the late Quaternary. Ecography. 37(11):1095-1108.
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